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Sezrix Buildabunch

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Sezrix Buildabunch

Post by Alma Taschner on Sun Sep 04, 2016 1:14 am

Name: Sezrix Buildabunch
Age: Thirty-one years
Species: Goblin (Somebody)

Primary Elements
1.) Light (Heart)
2.) Metal
3 & 4.) Steam (Combination: Water & Fire)

Personality: Sezrix, like any other Goblin (Gobbies, as they call themselves) is notably eccentric and endlessly enthusiastic about the creation of machines, no matter how simple. Almost all motivation comes from expanding on what can be built, and conversations tend to be subverted to the subject. Sezrix himself takes particularly great pride in his abilities as a builder of automatons, steam-based and otherwise, and takes every chance he may have to tinker with them.

Appearance: Sezrix is extremely short, barely standing at three feet, and tends to wear the same leather jumpsuit and workshop headgear that most traveling Goblins use. His posture is consistently atrocious, as he's in a constant slouch after years of bending over engines and other machines. He often straps himself into a variety of machines when needed, to compensate for his lack of prowess otherwise.

History: Sezrix has spent almost all his life around machinery. The common consensus is that he was born in the very garage he would later inherit. This garage, located a bit off the outskirts of Radiant Garden's primary city, is the center of his tribe's home. Sezrix has lived a rather humble life of curious scrounging and tinkering inside a bronze border wall, as did just about everyone there for many generations. Next to no contact has ever been held with the people in Radiant Garden, and though the Heartless were quite a nuisance, the tribe never seemed to get hit by the particularly nasty ones, and could hold them off just fine with whatever tools might be lying around at the time.

Of course, peace can only last so long. Unlike on most days, one particular sunrise brought with it an odd sight: Some sort of flying machine, careening over the horizon toward the tribe's camp! They ran from their homes when they realized the sheer scale of the thing, but roughly four were caught in its path as the ship plunged through the wall and touched ground, chugging along and only stopping when it and its victims had struck the opposite side.

The Goblins who'd escaped were outraged when they realized what had just happened, and took up whatever blunt impliments they had with them, charging the crashed ship and attacking the pilot. Luckily, he was able to escape over the wall, and suffered only the injuries caused by whatever the angry tinkerers had tossed after him.

There still remained the strange new contraption that had been left behind, and the Goblins soon forgot their desire to avenge their fellows and bludgeon the intruder. Instead, they stripped the thing bare, inspecting the materials and mechanisms that had been made by some craftsman they surely had never met. These things were so strange to them, and some seemed to be made for purposes other than transport and gathering. Instead, they were made for fighting. Extremely efficient fighting, at that. Most of the Goblins noted it and returned to their old styles of building, but Sezrix was inspired by the violent machine, that were built to destroy things with smoke, explosions and many a bright light. He wanted to build something like that, and perhaps surpass the people who had originally created the concept.

And so he set to work. Days passed, then weeks, then months and so on, with Sezrix sealed away in his shop creating machines of war from the flying thing that had destroyed his wall and ruined a perfectly temperate day that he would have loved to spend testing black powders in the mine. He remained there for so long, in fact, that many of his fellows wondered about his health and considered announcing him dead.

When he finally emerged, Sezrix was a new Gob. His tribemates were in awe, for standing behind him were a number of armed machines, each with a number of different devices and weaponry. This was their new army, he told them, and though they could not move on their own, they would be powerful weapons that the tribe could use to hunt, fight or seige whatever they may want. As an example, Sezrix himself climbed into one such machine, putting on a display of lifting nearby objects and using newly-crafted projectile weapons to shoot at far-away ones.

His tribe was delighted, and under his instruction they learned the new practice of making weapons. Unfortunately, this joy only lasted until they realized that they didn't have very much of the materials that the flying machine had been made of. As such, Sezrix swore to his tribe that he, himself, would venture out in search of other people who might be connected to the strange ship, whom they could get more of the strange alloys from, which documents on the ship had called "gummi".

Other Notes: Based off the Goblins that appear in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. I plan for his abilities to center around the use of explosives and both allied and controlled machines, called "Gobbiegummis" by the Goblins. In addition, the user "Artless Artist" has my permission to create a character directly linked to Sezrix.
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Re: Sezrix Buildabunch

Post by Eno Vale on Sun Sep 04, 2016 4:33 pm



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