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Winter's Shitty Journal

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Winter's Shitty Journal

Post by Winter on Sun Sep 04, 2016 8:44 pm

Name: “I’m Winter, hun. Wanna see what else I am?”
Age: “18, give or take a few years, whatever gets you harder faster.”
Species: “Nobody important.”

Primary Elements
1.) Nothingness
2.) Ice

Personality: From what has been gathered from her journal pages:
“I find myself having a lack of any real concern for anything or anyone. Apathetic is the first word that comes to mind, with me being an egoist very likely. I enjoy lying down to take frequent naps, fucking men and women is always on that list, with food being another good thing in my life. There are moments, though, where I find my memories giving me a chance to actually establish real relationships with people. It’s weird, almost as if I’m trying to be something I’m not…”
Picture for the boys and girls:


Discarded pages, left behind in an inn room at Radiant Garden speak more about the person known as, Winter. This is what was left behind:

“We all started the same way, every single one of us. There was darkness and then we opened our eyes, for the first time. I was no different. I awoke in a barren dessert, no clothes, no food, no water and yet, I didn’t truly suffer from the effects of the elements. It was crazy, you know? I was all, ‘well isn’t this a pile of shit I’ve landed in,’ to which I soon realized that was said directly to myself. Odd. Real odd. Strangely enough, I didn’t feel angry or sad about the state I was in, but rather very apathetic. That moment of apathy had really opened the flood gates of my mind, so I burst out laughing, as my body continued to be caressed in the lava-bed of sand.”

Next page:

“I felt it on my face, the silliness that was the facial expression I had made in that moment of ‘mirth.’ I only laughed because the first memory that came to me, involved laughing. I was surrounded by people in this memory, a woman and a man both of which who were my parents. Dad had tickled me so I laughed. A normal response for a normal person like me, right? Well, duh, anyone could say that at first glance, but no one knows normal like how I do. Not even past me knew what normal was and she likely wouldn’t have known until I came along. Confused? Yeah, I sure as hell am right now as I write this.”

Page 3:

“I actually have my thoughts organized well enough to write this next part… I’m an anomaly, for lack of better words. Separated from the self, I am but the shallow remains of who I used to be, so I decided to take on a better name to suit who I am. ‘Winter.’ Has a nice ring to it, since I am cold and barren. Quite literally, I was born just a couple days shy of yesterday and its through this, that I have gained insight on why this is so. A shadow looms over the worlds. This shadow, joined by others, will not be afraid to pull the strings of others and bring them together under the facade of peace, unity. I have been in that shadow’s mind, I have LIVED in that shadow’s mind. What was a week of me getting settled to the new mind, was just a crash course of eighteen years. Eighteen years of how low a human-being can sink when they’re pushed to their very limits. Clearly, I remember names, faces, dates, events and so much more. I remember how to fight using my hands, weapons and how to cast spells with a blink of an eye and a wiggle of my nose… All that and I am still just nothingness.”

Page 4:

“You’re reading this and saying, ‘What a lunatic,’ am I right? Well if you’re not, then thanks for that non-existent support. If you are, shut up and listen. I am a goddamn Nobody. A husk of something that shouldn’t be allowed to exist but does… The more I write, the more it seems like I’m some sort of angsty teenager, going through their emotional high-school days. Either that or a grown adult who hasn’t coped with their place in their world, bogged down by the existential dread that continues to burden them, akin to how the world burdens Atlas. I, on the other hand, just shrug like Atlas. Anyways, the way how I can put it in simpler terms, is that I am the living body of a dead woman. Not a zombie but something cooler, and less brain eating. I do lack the proper emotions to convey what I feel, so I just try to explain my opinions as clearly as possible. Why? Because I’m largely apathetic. At least sex feels good no matter what state I’m in.”

Page 5:

“’Ew, sex!’ Fuck off, yes, I had sex. Had to see what it was like. My vagina and everything still worked, but the guy going down on me was sort of creeped out due to me just staring at him blankly in the eyes. What did he want me to do? Express my pleasures verbally? Lecture him that he should be using his tongue in a rougher, slower manner? I did the last part, but the former is a little rude. Eventually, I just started to toss out some moans, because I could feel him getting limp-dick. It worked!”

Page 6: There is a bit of spittle on the page.

“Oh shit, I drooled all over the page because I hadn’t gotten any sleep for the past two weeks. I say that’s a new record. Sleep feels good too, so maybe that’s something I could be doing more often. Sex, sleep and I should try drinking next.”

Page 7:

“ImmeDiatELU after riting thee sicsth puge, I roolized I’m too frunk to duck.”

Page 8:

“That was really, really fun. Okay, so sex, food, alcohol and sleep are everything I can do, without overdosing, losing my figure, or dying off from exhaustion. Being a Nobody is great. I can cope with the apathy, since I got better at mimicking emotions. But to be serious for one moment, I do have a goal. Remember how I mentioned that thing I was birthed from? I’ve had its memories for a while now, that dark shadow. I have to stop it. It plots and it will succeed, unless I don’t keep an eye on things. It’s illusive but I’m persistent…”

The pages above were all torn from a source of paper and purposefully left behind. That was all that was left.

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Re: Winter's Shitty Journal

Post by Faye on Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:08 am


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