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Gambie Stinkcloud

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Gambie Stinkcloud

Post by Gambie on Thu Sep 08, 2016 12:44 am

“Gambie” Stinkcloud

Light // Plant // Fire // Lightning

Somebody // Male // 21


Gambie is a goblin that is much like the rest of his diminutive species, at least in height. He stands at around three feet, and weighs about as much as a heavy sack of potatoes does. His height is just about where the similarity with his kin ends. His appearance has been heavily altered due to his obsession with chemicals, leaving his hair a bone white color and rendered him somewhat twitchy. His profession has also gifted him with a better filtered mask and gear- the ones normal goblins use is useless when dealing with the kinds of chemicals he uses.

Another side effect of his obsession with chemicals and medicines means he’s often followed around by a plethora of smells- some good, mostly bad. The vapors are so thick they are visible to those who have the eye for it.


Even by goblin standards, Gambie is notably eccentric. His use of toxins and chemicals has rendered his demeanor to be a bit of an absurdly calm one, lowering his capacity for fear and leaving him with a bit of a damaged psyche. He often has a bit of a dopey personality, easily distracted by noises and shiny objects- when he isn’t hyper focused on something. One of the biggest traits about him is the fact he is empowered by the delusion he is in fact, a power sorcerer, despite having no magical talent whatsoever. He responds violently (or derisively to non-goblins) to people trying to point it out.  

Gambie, despite his dopey personality, is highly intelligent- able to mix chemicals into vials that do a variety of things- mostly to harm and hinder opponents. He is well known to be a bit of a fanatic when it comes to his goblin brothers, and is known to go along with whatever they are planning, no matter how dangerous it is. He is friendly unless given a reason not to be, but non-goblins are going to have a bit of a hard time with him around.


Living on the outskirts of Radiant Garden was Gambie’s life, surrounded by other goblins and under the threat of being taken by heartless. His tribe was unlucky enough to have been located around where Radiant Garden dumped their dangerous chemicals and things that were useless, which meant for a long while they were often sick, and thus repelling heartless was a dangerous, often costly endeavor in the end. It wasn’t until Gambie has started messing around with the chemicals at the dump did anything really start to turn out for the better. Now, the tribe had often fumbled with the chemicals, and fashioned crude weapons and bombs from the junk pile, they had considered the chemicals to be much too dangerous to actually go around messing with it.

Gambie was always intrigued by the chemicals that flowed there- with the junkpile growing smaller as weapons were made, the tribe had to begin looking for answers. He often thought that there could be an answer somewhere in those chemicals- so he dedicated himself to them. He learned how they worked, what went together with what and how to stop chemicals from killing off his kin. His toil and many, many failures had given him incredible insight on how to heal his people and use chemicals to harm and hinder his enemies. And so began the rebuilding of his people- under the supervision of what was then going to be the shaman of the tribe. But with answers came more questions- how was he going to grow food, or grow the plants that would be best used to heal his people?

Gambie began to answer those questions by organizing raids to places that had what he was looking for- trekking for several days and scoping out water sources, uplander dwellings that had excesses of these things, and cave systems for anything he could use, making what would eventually be considered a patchwork colony- using old bits of weapons that were rusty and unused, with food and things that were often stolen away. For a while, the goblin tribe was on the rise, and they lived in relative harmony- until the uplanders began to get angry, and tried to launch raids on their settlement as well. This time, the goblins were better at defending their home, and used their stolen and jury rigged technologies to drive off the invaders.

Taking what was left behind by fallen uplanders, they only became more dangerous as time went on; but sadly, this wouldn’t last for long. The fallout came when the uplanders used large, oddly shaped metal things that exploded when they hit the ground- decimating the tribe and the settlement. It was all done by another, bigger metal box that flew around on wings. So, Gambie and the last remnants of the tribe had used what was left to bring it down, scoring a lucky hit on the fire breathing metal box and sending smoke and ash in its wake as it crashed somewhere in the distance. Well, the goblins weren’t really satisfied with that ending, and thus began a trek to find the metal box, looking to do some more damage to it.

They eventually found it smack dab in the middle of another goblin village, on the other side of the canyons beyond Radiant Garden. When the goblins from the decimated tribe approached, looking for retribution, they found the metal box nearly ripped apart. Arguing that the Gambie and his tribe were the ones who brought it down, so he should have what was inside of it, but were denied it because it had landed in their village. A brief squabble began to form between the village and Gambie’s remnants, but it was quickly decided by the village elders that we may as well pool our resources together rather than fight, and so Gambie and his biological aligned goblins joined up with the technological ones and prospered up to the current day.

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Re: Gambie Stinkcloud

Post by Faye on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:11 am


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