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Emily Love

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Emily Love

Post by Emily on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:51 am

Name: Emily "Emma" Love
Age: 8
Species: Somebody
Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.)Not found
3.)Not found
4.)Not found

Personality: Emily is over all a shy individual, who so far hasn't felt any fear or happiness. She has sadness, and it is shown on her blank face constantly. She is not very talkative, and wont go anywhere unless a "sibling" or her stuffy comes with. She finds it a bit embarrassing when she is called cute, or anything of the sort. She also shifts a lot when in front of people. She hates Vegetables, and loves hugs.
History: Emily doesn't remember much, but she does remember one thing. That thing is that she's alone. She thinks she has always been alone, and that her mommy and daddy left her here. All she has is mister Fluffles, her stuffed animal. Her head was hurting, and she thinks she was bleeding, but that didn't matter, she had her teddy. When she found it had a zipper she opened it and found some crackers and a small bottle of juice. She smiled as she looked in there. It made her happy. As she zipped it back up, Emily decided to look for her mommy or daddy, or maybe a new mommy and daddy. With a Determined look and a firm grip on Mister Fluffles, Emily set out to search for her family, New or Old.

Other Notes: Has a stuffed animal the shape of a cat, that has straps and a zipper so it can be used as a small back pack as well. Amnesia.

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Re: Emily Love

Post by Faye on Thu Sep 08, 2016 1:35 pm


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