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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Seven [completed]

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Seven [completed]

Post by Morgan Darkson on Thu Sep 08, 2016 10:27 pm

Name: Seven

Species: Somebody


Power: Character (5) | STR Tier(5) | END Tier(5) | MAG Tier(5) | SPE Tier(5) | AGI Tier(5)

Purpose: Among the queen's Seraph who occupy six seats and stand as her wings, there is the Seventh that serves as her hidden blade. The hidden hand that comes only when necessary and when it does, an impossibility stands before the challenges ahead of the queen. Passed down from each queen to the next, Seven carries out her duties to the last breath.

History: A tamed being from an unknown point in time and history, Seven had only recently (in the past twenty years) been accounted among the ranks of the Seraph. No one knew where she came from only that when she arrives, all who are present can only SEE her. They cannot fathom what it is she is, nor can they understand the power that she holds. Seven served the last queen and in her parting, she was passed down to the next one in line. There are only really a handful of people that know about her and those that do, do not utter her name, nor do they think about her. She comes and goes, much like the passing of time itself.

Ability Name: Biological Immortality: Seven's body doesn't degrade over time like how most beings' bodies do. She retains all of her muscle mass, agility, organ health and youth. This also renders her completely immune to the effects of time.

Heightened Regeneration: To fulfill her purpose of being the queen's hidden hand, she must stay alive in all forms of combat in order to do so. Her cells an alarmingly rapid rate and have been seen to heal entire limbs in an instant.

Item Name: 13
Item Type: Swords
Item Abilities: A set of thirteen swords that are hidden away in some unknown void. Each sword summon adds a vast amount of overall ability to Seven, further powering her up. She freely controls these blades and should they be destroyed, banished, etc., there will always be another to replace them. Additionally, when all thirteen are summoned, they may be fused to create a giant greatsword known as, 13, which is said to be the pinnacle of Seven's power characterized in one, monstrous blade.
13 Separated:
13 Unified:
Morgan Darkson
Morgan Darkson

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Re: Seven [completed]

Post by Eno Vale on Fri Sep 09, 2016 4:11 am



Deep Dive
Character Tier(5)
MP(700) | DP(10)
STR Tier(3) | END Tier(5) | MAG Tier(5) | SPE Tier(4) | AGI Tier(4) SNTH(5)
Eno Vale
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