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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Artform: Poetry

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Artform: Poetry Empty Artform: Poetry

Post by Isla on Sat Sep 10, 2016 7:49 am

Base Ability: Artform: Poetry - the user's poetry is charged with magic a combination of Moon and Space magic to form a Manifestation Force, an inherent ability gifted by some unknown force or fate. This force can will to creation things from the user's psyche in exchange for his life force or magical energies. This ability can manifest in two ways.

Haiku - preforms small effects that change the environment or persons around him in an abstract way, or otherwise grant very minor "wishes". These hardly drain the user, so they can be used almost without limit. Examples of the power scale of these effects are as follows;

| Prevent the need for food or drink for 24 hours.
| Provide some amount of unknown knowledge or insight.
| Change the weather to a different, non-severe condition for 24 hours (light rain, snow, overcast clouds, gentle sunlight). Weather effects center a 1 mile radius around him, and move with him until they end or are dispelled.

Words of Power - Singular words that perform more severe actions, but have a limited effect range. For each character tier, the user can speak one word per post, and speaking the maximum amount tires the user and places this ability into Cooldown. Combining words to create a synchronized effects make them significantly more powerful (about doubled for each word spoken in the incantation). All words fall into one of these categories.
| Creation: The user creates any sort of matter that he speaks the name of that has a total volume no more than his own per character tier. He can speak of an object or raw material (ex. sword, chair, metal, fire).
| Destruction: The user speaks a specialized word to eradicate a sort of matter whose volume is no more than half of his own per character tier. Cannot destroy sentient matter in this way (ex. rust [for a metal object], incinerate [flammable material], evaporate [liquid material]).
| Modify: The user speaks a word to enhance or otherwise change an object's anatomy. He can make an object up to twice as fast, strong, or durable per character tier (ex. haste, strengthen, fortify).

Base Ability Cool Down: 1 post.

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