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Kent Shimana, The Immortal

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Kent Shimana, The Immortal

Post by Toma on Sat Sep 10, 2016 11:04 pm

Age: 26
Species: Somebody
Primary Elements
1.) Darkness

Personality: Kent is a fairly kind person, who is void of most emotions to most people. He is a good judge of character, and can read others fairly well. Although he can do this, he dislikes messing with people or talking to most people. He is Anti-social, which is counteractive to his choice in Friends.
Full body look:
Home Attire:
History: Kent is a mystery to even his friends. Not much is known about him, though he does share little things. What has been found out about him is that a long time ago he did something he regrets, and now has little to no emotions to others because of it. He does often mention about how he learned to fight because of a "special Person" but then if pursued further he will change the subject. Over all Kent is a mystery, and he wants it to stay like that, even if it means his death.
Other Notes: Has a picture of a old "friend" in a locket. Has Ever changing eye color, and hides emotion. Is a Key blade wielder, but choses not to use it unless necessary.

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Re: Kent Shimana, The Immortal

Post by Faye on Mon Oct 10, 2016 12:14 pm


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