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Post by Exson on Mon Sep 12, 2016 6:58 pm

Aleric "Exson" Darkson
Male | August 10 | 21 years | Somebody | 177cm | 68kgs

Light | Time | Blizzard


Exson is an extremely jaded and cruel individual who views everybody as trash that can easily be disposed. However, he puts on a friendly jokester act with a layer of subtle malice under it, appearing friendly to those who first meet him. The more one spends time with Exson, the more they will see the cracks of his false persona, as his insults tend to sting a bit too much and his comments can a tinge unsettling. Despite this, Exson is able to maintain his image where his true nature is never shown or understood, seeming more like a chaotic neutral or good person, as he often helps people out or saves innocents only for the ruse and trust of others around him.

The only thing that will cause Exson to lose his cool is encountering a member of the Darkson family. He show a seething hatred and will treat them with hostility. While he won't attempt to attack them, as he is still conscious of the current situation he is in, he will attempt to turn the people around him against them, spinning convincing lies.


Aleric Darkson was born to a branch family of the Darkson family. As a child, he was ostracized by the adults and bullied by the other kids. He never fully understood why and he didn't care, choosing instead to resent and loathe them all. After years of this, Aleric's view of the universe and everybody in it became warped with hatred and contempt, deeming that reality is cruel and unforgiving. When he eventually ditched his home, he had sour encounters with strangers that cheated and robbed him, only furthering his new toxic world view. Vowing to make the universe pay and everybody in it, he began to train viciously in the depths of the End of the World, pitting himself against the most dangerous of Heartless. After years of his seclusion, he decided he had progressed as much as he could and returned to the Realm of the Light to begin. First and foremost, the Darksons would pay.

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Re: Exson

Post by Faye on Mon Sep 12, 2016 11:08 pm


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