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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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The Tears of Earth

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The Tears of Earth

Post by Isaias on Tue Sep 13, 2016 2:17 am

The Tears of Earth

The users entire body is literally made out of a extremely hardened rock morphed with  adamant steel, magically refined so that the speed is not hindered. Isaias is a massive gargantuan power house who relies very little on magic and mostly on brute pure unadulterated power. The Tears of Earth allows Isaias to strike the earth and create fissures or have earth rise from the ground, his attacks may easily decimate through steel and other heavily tough materials. His fierce grip is capable of breaking an snapping the bones of another. He is capable of launching himself into the sky or possibly another area of the world. Isaias when charging will not stop for buildings, barricades, walls, attacks, people, etc etc generally barrelling through it. Isaias also upon taking severe to extreme damage will become larger both body and height wise.
Might of the Emperor

A red aura will surround war causing him to go berserk for three posts when this is active attacks that strike him do little and cannot halt his movement. Weakens the damage taken against charge spells or massive AoE spells or larger tier classed spells.

Has a reload time of four posts.

Always active, Isaias is able to create massive shock waves and or vibrations which may travel through any medium.(this includes air, ground, the seafloor, buildings, wall, etc) Used in different methods to not only attack enemies, but the world itself. He may also use this force over space to pull anything not that massive towards or away from him within a medium sized range.
Horseman's Disposition

When within the presence of the other members of his family Isaias Strength will increase and his durability and reaction time is decreased. Allows him to combo his skills with other skills of the members of family.

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