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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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A Messiah's Tool's

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A Messiah's Tool's

Post by Onyx on Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:29 pm


Name: The Absolution

Type Of Weapon:  Broadsword

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Elemental Alignment:

Ability/Function: Until it is willed the blade is only in the form of a handle that will usually be strapped to a holster. When the blade appears it is a total of Six feet with handle included and heavy. Appearance is instantaneous.

Crimson absolution:

Close/Long Range: Close

Amaran Arm


AN organic arm right arm with Hardened skin capable of taking hits with weapons an example being swords, powers and other abilities are currently unknown and will be unlocked as skills later on. Treated as an actual limb in regard to an opponents enchantments or anything requiring their mana pool, is able to extend this limb.

Has had this since he was born, never being able to unlock their full power until after his father's death.

Sharpened metal board with no wheel's

About the same size as a medium sized skate board, made completely out of medal with sharpened edges.

The board capitalizes on the Earth's magnetism in order for this to function regardless of the surface beneath it. The speed of the arrow correlates in response to how fast onyx himself may travel. Rider is magnetized to the board so he does not fall off.

A failed experiment?

Name:  Burning Rose's

Type of Equipment:  Magnum's

Primary/Secondary:  Secondary

Elemental Alignment:  Darkness

Abilities/Functions: Dual magnum, 12 Shots, fires heavy bullets that from long range are incredibly easy to evade and incredibly difficult from close range to dodge. Able to ignite what they impact and explode if willed by Onyx. Can be fatal if in the the correct place. Reload after four posts.


Name: The Prophet

Type Of Weapon:  Broadsword

Primary/Secondary:  Secondary

Elemental Alignment: Metal

Ability/Function: When not in use the blade is merely a handle however when willed the entire blade appears instantaneously. When The blade appears it is a total of six feet and heavy.

Close/Long Range: Close

The Prophet:
Name: The Twelve Apostle's

Type Of Weapon:  Throwing Knives

Primary/Secondary: Secondary

Elemental Alignment: N/A

Ability/Function: Kept in a pouch, on his left side there is a total of 12

Close/Long Range: Long, may be used as close



Name: Resolution

Type Of Weapon: Broadsword

Primary/Secondary:  Secondary

Elemental Alignment: Darkness

When the blade is not being used or not willed it is merely a handle usually strapped to a holster. When the blade is willed to life it is six feet long and extremely heavy the appearance is instantaneous

Close/Long Range: Close

Purifying Resolution Appearance:


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