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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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The Savior's Playbook

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The Savior's Playbook

Post by Onyx on Wed Sep 14, 2016 10:40 pm

Dark Bomb

From the palm of The Onyx's hand shall come a blast that is much like the dark blast, however its a softball sized orb that will be physically thrust into the enemy, exploding forward upon contact. The explosion diameter is moderate, causes major damage.
Dark Burst

From the palm of  Onyx's hand shall come a blast that is similar to the dark bomb, however its a baseball sized orb that will be physically thrust forward into the enemy this cannot be thrown but can be launched if the opponent is less then three feet away. Unlike the dark blast the blast will launch the opponent moderately far away from when colliding with the area of the body which is hit the enemy flies back at a very fast speed. The explosion diameter is massive, the opponent caught in the middle, extreme damage
Behind you..


Only works with any weapon that Onyx uses that is within the his profile and those alone.

A weapon that onyx has thrown at the opponent if it misses Onyx may pull his arm back the item will travel back immediately back toward Onyx at the same speed it was thrown possibly cleaving the opponent in half. Max distance is incredibly far

Darkness, Space

The caster creates an invisible barrier that takes 1 second to form. The barrier is a square shape, floor included, that starts off 50 x 50 feet. The barrier will shrink to 30 x 30 feet in the following post. Two posts after the initial decrease in size the barrier will again shrink. This time decreasing to 15 x 15 feet.

When the barrier is hit by a physical or magical force there is a 3 foot knock back. Distance abilities cannot be used to enter, exit or transport between two or more points within the barrier. The gravity inside the barrier will increase to very high for anyone other than the caster.

The barrier can take up to 60 hits of physical damage and does not disappear until destroyed. To shatter the barrier from the outside one most use a collection of many multiple spells or use one colossal gigantic spell if kicked or punched from the outside the barrier will sap life from said user and it'll power the barrier

Could be charged for a max of five posts however that's the limit.

A combination of Flames of the Phoenix, Dark Burst, and I'm a lavaman. An orb of darkness the size of a baseball. The orb will glow and completely become engulfed in blue flames shining a bright blue color. The orb will have lightening course and around the ball. When thrust forward or willed the orb will fly forward at an Onyx's max speed colliding with the opponent and sending them back 15 meters. They'll be trapped in a twelve meter radius explosion that deals massive dark energy damage and fourth degree burns.

At Max charge damage is doubled
- Life Chant


The more physical damage The Onyx deals the more stamina he regains. The stamina regained is directly related to how much physical damage is dealt. This is an extension of his arm and if it were to be cut off then the abilities would cease to function. This also makes his arm organic. He doesn't need to deal damage with the amaran arm in order regain the stamina. Always Active
-The more damage The Onyx takes the more damage he deals. The strength increase is directly related to how much damage is taken. The bonuses will disappear if his wounds are healed. Always Active


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