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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Alyth's Non-Competitive Stuff

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Alyth's Non-Competitive Stuff

Post by Alyth on Thu Sep 15, 2016 11:45 pm


Name: House of Mirrors
Character Tier: 2
Type: Spell
Element(s): Glass
Description: Alyth is capable of spontaneously covering the entire battlefield she is fighting in in mirrors. These mirrors have no magical capabilities on their own, aside from being able to be used as focuses for other spells of hers. These mirrors can be shattered just as easily as any regular mirror could be, but will deal minor damage if they are physically hit without a way to mitigate the damage. (I.E armor or use of a weapon)

Name: Quake-Quaga
Character Tier: 2
Type: Spell
Element(s): Earth
Description: A basic, very wide ranged spell, the Quake spell tree allows Alyth to generate earthquakes of varying severity, with Quakra and Quaga also creating spires of earth that deal impact damage scaling from heavy minor to moderate heavy depending on what level of this spell that she uses. However, if she uses this while she is standing on the ground, she will also be prey to its effects, making these spells a sort of double edged sword.

Name: Fire-Firaga (1)
Character Tier: 2
Type: Spell
Element(s): Fire
Description: Another of the most basic spells that can be learned, The Fire spell tree allows alyth to launch fireballs of varying size with varying levels of homing, each exploding on contact to deal minor to heavy damage depending on what level of the spell is used. Unfortunately, at her current level of mastery, Alyth is unable to fire these projectiles while mobile.

Name: Gravity-Graviga)
Character Tier: 2
Type: Spell
Element(s): Space
Description: One of Alyth's spells with the longest range, the gravity spell tree allows Alyth to create event horizons of heavily increased gravity, dealing physical crushing damage at moderate to high heavy levels depending on which level she uses. She can only create one event horizon at a time, and these event horizons travel in a linear direction downwards, making their use quite limited unless she can get the drop on the opponent. She is also not immune to the effects of these spells.

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