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Thrasynos Empty Thrasynos

Post by Thrasynos on Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:06 am

Name: Thrasynos
Age: 300 years old
Species: Demon/Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Fire
4.) Earth
5). Wind (via skill tree and story wise)

Thrasynos is a highly focused, intelligent, selfish and arrogant man, someone that is willing to look down on others with great disregard of their value with little more then their first impressions. While they can rebuild their value in his eyes through hard work, servitude or deeds of great valor and strength it will take a while to earn his respect much less trust. Quick witted and deceitful the man is one of believe of mind over body though heavily also cherishes the strength and dedication of hard work, especially with the flesh.  

The opposite also holds true. If someone were to impress him right away by strength, power or beauty Thrasynos is quite polite to them, respectful even to where he could become as friendly as any noble worth his collar can be to a commoner.

In fact in the rarest of cases he can even be quite loyal, kind and attracted to one whom has greatly impressed him or surpassed him, offering to be by their side being their voice of intellect and logic rather then one of emotional based judgments while being quite infatuate himself to the object/person of his desire, furthering his idealistic views on perfection and trying to obtain it as closely as he can himself. Deeply erotic he prefers a much more personally and intimate meeting of the minds as desire has taken a great hold in washing away his morals and thoughts on personal boundaries.    

Appearance: Thrasynos 299972_1194509250_large

Thrasynos stands ten feet tall appearing as a Lithe yet, very muscular humanoid. His skin shines like polished obsidian, and his eyes glitter with dim yellow greenish light. He has sliver dagger like teeth, pointed ears, clawed fingers tips. Several small hours protruding out from his jet black hair just surrounding his skill like a crown of thorns.

His attire ranges from a wealthier line from the fashion industry yet is tainted with the exotic flare of his nature. Expensive fabrics, jeweled trimmings and hand crafted weaves among the thousands of thread count. However it torn away at his more intimate bits, exposing his powerfully physique and erotic nature for the finer things in life as well as the sins of the flesh.      


Thrasynos was a mortal man back in the many days before the slaughter of the world leaders. He was born into a world of sliver and gold in the land of dragons, a noble house of ancient fame and connections to the line of emperors that have exist during the era of great prosperity.

Thrasynos was no different from his forefathers, raised with a sliver spoon and perfect posture as the books were his only lovers during much of his youth. Growing old meant, having a family of strong boys to bring great honour to his family was the only future his family had for him. His studies of sorcery were particularly impressive more so then his already renowned swordsmanship in his family's style. While the second son in the family line he left the war glory to his older brother while he took the art of a tactician to heart and study well past into his mid life while improving his magical might.  

Though the confines of  nobility proved to be quite a test of will for the middle son and with time soon failed as he find the pleasures of lover after lover from his private bed chambers to the open grass flied and snow flied of the mountain tops. His exploits extended wide and far, infamous of stealing wife and husbands away from their family for his own delights and for the chance for him to extend his blood line in the hopes for a Honourable son.

But as time crossed him the desire within the wizard grew more viscous and dark, his taste grew more imaginative to the point where it was gaining Thrasynos infamy around the royal city. Choosing then to remain in solitude for the sake of his family Thrasynos hide himself among the caves of the northern Terrain and faking his death to avoid other's looking for him.

In the years following Thrasynos  perfected both his mind and body since there wasn't much else to do living in a cave. He found the ravishes of time to be quite annoying and his time on the earth limited to what other knowledge that remained outside of his grasp. Rumours were of other worlds out side the skies of his own world but he could not make it if he was render old and wither. In desperation and arrogance to his own power Thrasynos summoned several demons of varying origins. All at once offering himself and the mortified of his tastily soul to each one of them and picking out the most beneficial one to him. Each time he was threatened for his choice but knew his death would rob them of a powerfully soul to claim if he didn't fulfill his part of the contract. His price was simple, eternal life, enactments for his own powers and a body that would never be ravaged by time to forever remain as tool for his bedroom conquests.

The deal was struck and the rejected were made part of his flesh to empower more then just his ego amplifying his powers and looks to that of a devilish handsome fiend.

He spent more time improving himself and his craft before venturing into the worlds outside of his own skies until another was lured in by the demon. Striking a single glance Thrasynos himself was in awe of the creature, finding the allure of this too strong cursing his own distance away from that which was perfect. In pity and curiosity the being took in the Demon as his own student and adviser in his court.

Years together were both intimidate fruitfully as Thrasynos's powers were far reaching throughout the darkness. Now days during the era now of connecting back to the realm of light Thrasynos  has spent his days studying the worlds and finding new and interesting magics to entertains himself but also serving his greater good.      

Other Notes: His a Sexy beast Very Happy

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Thrasynos Empty Re: Thrasynos

Post by Eno Vale on Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:24 pm



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