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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Djinni of Flames || Alina

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Djinni of Flames || Alina

Post by Lucio on Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:21 am

<Djinni of Flames>

As an ancient Djinni, Alina has considerable control over the elements of Darkness, Fire, and Illusion. This also allows her to be able to channel her magic and her skills through a proxy, although she must be in close proximity in order to do so.

Tier One
Enables the user to alter how she is perceived. This does not change the physical nature of her appearance, but only how she is seen in others’ minds. Those with an affinity for the Moon are able to see her true form. (For Alina’s preferences, see Appearance.)
<Flamin’ Hot Bod>
The user’s body is composed of fire, and is unaffected by physical attacks--save for those made by enchanted or magical weapons. She is also highly susceptible to both magic and water as a result. Her body itself is unable to inflict any damage on another.
<Mistress of Flames>
Enables the user to conjure fire as she so desires, as well as manipulate their form and movement in a variety of manners. These flames are unaffected by physical attack (although they can be guarded against physically) and can only be dissipated with a significant amount of water, enchanted weapons, or magic.
<The Shadow of Fire>
Allows the energy of Darkness to be combined with the user’s Fire conjurations, thereby increasing the spell’s or ability’s power or damage. As a result, affected flames are shrouded in a black fog.
To be used in conjunction with <The Shadow of Fire>. Enables the user to create illusions from the flames she conjures. These illusions are more effective the hotter the flames and/or the environment are, and appear in the form of beasts or other dangerous creatures. However, they are unable to inflict any damage and are invincible.
The user is able to innately sense sources of heat up to 100 ft. away, as well how hot they are. This gauge is not represented numerically; instead, the levels are compared as relative to the user’s own body heat.

Tier Two
A child skill of <Mistress of Flames>. Can be used in conjunction with <The Shadow of Fire>, although it is not necessary. Fire swirls around the intended targets (radius of area may vary), forming a protective dome. The creation takes but seconds to form. Alternatively, the barrier may take the form of a wall as well. The user is able to pass through this construct as she pleases. Continual use of this skill requires a continuous stream of energy from the user.
<In Heat>
A child skill of the Base Ability and <Mistress of Flames>. As an primarily intangible spirit, the user is able step into and engulf her proxy’s body. This then moderately increases the target’s Strength stat and increases the effect of all Fire abilities and skills.
<Feed the Flames>
Allows the user to “eat” any form of fire and moderately boost her stats. This includes flames conjured with magic, unless said flames are combined with another element. Alternatively, she can use the consumed flames to heal herself instead of as a buff.
<Hearth’s Heart>
A child skill of <Heatstroke>. Creates an illusion that appears to be of significance or of value to all other opponents. This could be a person, an object, etc.; anything that those affected desire most.
<Like a Moth>
Conjures a mesmerizing flame. Other characters would find it difficult to look away from its beauty, enamoured by its dance. This gives the user the opportunity to take advantage of an opponent’s distracted state by attacking them or sneaking off.

Tier Three
<Chains of Fury>
A child skill of <Mistress of Flames>. Can be used in conjunction with <The Shadow of Fire>, although it is not necessary. Creates twenty-foot-long chains made solely of flames. These chains float in the air and are controlled by the user; the user never physically touches them as it will inflict damage and pain on touch. Each conjuration can be used in a whip-like fashion or to bind the opponent, squeezing their body as tightly as possible. This spell will dissipate immediately on contact with water (although there must be a fair amount of water; a sprinkle or a few drops will do very little). This attack does moderately high damage, but only causes moderately minor burns on contact. Utilizing more chains requires more energy from the user.
Random spots within 30 feet around the user begin to blaze up with plumes of fire.The environment then begins to heat up uncomfortably, eventually heating up to a temperature matching that of a sauna. As a result, all flames (whether natural, created by the user, or conjured by opponents) will be much bigger in size and much greater in strength. Water and Ice also have a lessened effect in these conditions. However, this ability rapidly drains the user’s stamina.
<Heat of the Moment>
Enables the user to protect herself and proxy from nearly any attack. This is done by expelling all the heat and flames from her body at once. However, a considerable amount of time must pass before the user is able to utilize Fire related skills and spells again.
<Blazing Spirit>
A child skill of the <In Heat>. Through her flames, the user is able to possess the proxy of her abilities and control their movements. While the target may fight back, it is extremely difficult to resist the carnal urges of the user.

Character Tier(III)
MP(300) | GP(3)
STR Tier(3) | END Tier(3) | MAG Tier(1) | SYN Tier(1) | SPE Tier(2) | AGI Tier(4)


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