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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Anti Black Coat

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Anti Black Coat

Post by Alexander on Sat Jan 17, 2015 9:55 am

Anti-Black Coat

Nightmare Dream Eater

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Moon
3.) Plant
4.) Fire

Ghost Drive: The Anti Black Coat is a Nightmare, highly aggressive and a manifestation of the memories Alexander has repressed and rejected. The Anti Black Coat can merge with Alexander grant him a devastating increase to his statistics for six posts. In addition, Alexander will be able to physically warp his body, using the Realm of Sleep to facilitate instantaneous travel between locations in the physical world.
Base Ability Cool Down: Twelve Posts

Tier One
Wild!: ABC gains heightened speed for a single post, dealing out attacks twice as fast as he normally would. Cooldown is four posts.
Smog: ABC produces an area of smoke about twenty-five feet in radius that lingers for four posts. Within this smoke it is difficult to breathe, and if an individual inhales this smoke for two consecutive posts they will be afflicted with Poison for five posts. Every turn after being afflicted with poison, the individual takes moderate damage. While poisoned, the individual takes a debuff to endurance. Cooldown is fifteen posts.
Poison Shot: ABC fires a fast-moving bolt of  poison at a foe. When it hits an individual, it inflict them with poison damage for five posts. While afflicted with poison, the individual takes moderate damage each subsequent post. While poisoned, the individual takes a debuff to strength. Cooldown is five posts.
Cross Slash: ABC conjures a claw of darkness at range, and uses it to strike at a single foe for high damage. The claw is controllable, but only lasts a few seconds before dissipating.
From Below: ABC targets an area. From that area, a burst of darkness will suddenly surge upwards lasting for only a few seconds. Being hit with From Below inflicts drowsy on an opponent. If they are hit three times, the opponent will be forced into a magical slumber for two posts. Cooldown two posts.
Shadow Leech: ABC creates a line of shadow on the ground. If an individual makes contact with it, or with a body of darkness it comes in contact with, ABC can begin to slightly siphon their health. This effect lasts for five posts. Cooldown Ten Posts.
Dread Death Despair: When in the Realm of Sleep, ABC is functionally one tier higher in terms of his power than he normally is.
Red Blade: ABC uses a red shortsword when it fights. This sword drains slight health from targets when it hits them on top of the damage it deals. When this sword hits a target that is afflicted with a negative effect, it increases the effect's duration by four posts, but deals greatly reduced damage against them. However, it siphons more health upon contact.

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Re: Anti Black Coat

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:57 am



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