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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Four Bodies of Heaven-Skill tree

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Four Bodies of Heaven-Skill tree

Post by Thrasynos on Thu Sep 22, 2016 2:30 am

Base Ability:Master of the Four Elements
Thrasyons is able to alter the environment, climate and weather around  a massive area around him passively. Boosting the effects of one of the coordinating element of the main four he wishes to use by a severe amount each post that passes. The opposing elements of the weather change used by enemies are weakened by the same amount. Only two types of weather can be active at a time.  

Once per post Thrasynos can designated one of the four elements (With the collaborating weather active) and choice to become a pure embodiment of that element. Reducing that element's negative effect on him and boosting his own use of that element by a severe amount. Damage of the opposing element  however deal him more damage by the same. He can hold each form as long as he wants to.  

Base Ability Cool Down: 1 post per weather change

Tier One
1st Skill:  
One of the Wind-Wind becomes one of Thrasyons main mastery

2nd Skill:
No escape- If a target is immune or absorbs an elemental attack, the attack instead deals non elemental damage while acting the same

3rd Skill:
Retainers- Thrasynos can conjure up to 1 lesser elemental per his elemental masteries and combinations elements. These little elemental have t1's to all their stats and follow telepathic commands from their master. They are able to perform simple taskes but nothing too complex. Anyone one of them can become a catalyzes for any of Thrasynos's abilities.  2 posts per created   

4th Skill:
Take up Arms- Thrasynos can generate any kind of normal melee weapons or armor out of any of the four elements, granting himself new items that range in quality based on  his own SYTH teir. This weapons deal their element damage along side normal one.  

5th Skill:
Good body- Thraysons can transform his physical form into that of one of his primary elements, taking the shape and properties of that form to move about and travel around through that element or as it with ease.

Tier Two
1st Skill:
Fire Elemental- Thrasynos Mastery of Fire advances, bolstering the overall effectiveness of this element by a moderate amount each time he uses it in a topic. Further the element also applies a burn effect. Dealing fire damage over time of half the total amount of fire damage dealt to the target through out the topic for 3 posts. Each time a fire attack deals them damage the timer restarts.

2nd Skill:
Water Elemental- Thrasynos Masters of water advances bolstering the overall effectiveness of this element by a moderate amount each time he uses it in a topic. The element also gains healing properties restoring Thrasynos by the total amount of water damage he has done and reducing the enemies healing effectiveness by the same amount.

3rd Skill:
Wind Elemental- Thrasynos Masters of Wind advances bolstering the overall effectiveness of this element by a moderate amount each time he uses it in a topic, further the element also applies a haste effect. Speeding up all allies, himself  and their attacks each time a wind based ability is used by a moderate amount and slowing enemies by the same amount within a moderate area around him and area of the landed attacked.

4th Skill:
Earth Elemental- Thrasynos Masters of Earth advances bolstering the overall effectiveness of this element by a moderate amount each time he uses it in a topic, further the element also de-buff to enemies's damage resistances each time they are hit while boosting Thrasynos by the same amount as a buff.

Tier Three
1st Skill:
Mystic Lord- Thrasyon can spend any amount of  MP to boost his other spells or abilities by certain amounts. Each incriminate of mana spent deals stacking boosts powering themselves up by their designated amount as well as any other buffs below what is spent by the same amount and number of times. This is applies to the AOE radius of abilities by the same amount.

30 mp or below increases the abilities by a small amount

40 to 60 increases it by a moderate amount moderate to high moderate

70 to 80 deals severe/higher boosts

90 or above deals it extreme + boosts

2nd Skill:
Defiant Will- Any sort of debuff or effect meant to reduce Thrasynos abilities or stats instead will now buff him by the same amount and last the entire topic or dispelled by him or others.  

3rd Skill:
The one Magic- Any magic or magical like ability that is used in a massive area around Thrasynos with charge itself into him, boosting his abilities with the same as amount on “Mystic Lord” in addition to a extra severe amount boost. Half of the mp used againts him is also added to his mana pool if it hits him, effects and damage are dealt normal to him.

Tier Fourth
1st Skill:
Supernatural Disaster- When using an elemental power the environment and weather will shift into a massive magical natural disaster of the corresponding element type. Providing varying effects around and creating environment hazards that change the terrain to better fit Thrasynos. All four element changes can occur at the same time and do not effect each other's effectiveness. Thrasynos can created one Disaster without triggering the element once per post freely. Each Disaster last for three posts after triggering.

Fire- Creates a huge heat wave that engulfs a massive area around the last cast impact of an elemental power. Super heating any sort of metal in the area while inside the super sunny day. Also dealing extreme fire damage to everyone foe in the area and weakening enemy water elemental effects by an extreme amount.

Doubles the effects of Fire Elemental

Wind- Creates a huge Wind storm cutting through the entire area and generating several large tornado that slowly cross the entire plane. The howling gales deal extreme wind damage, Tornado's deal that plus an additional severe amount as well as trapping foes in the air. Earth based elements are weakened by an extreme amount.

Doubles the effects of Wind Elemental

Water- Creates a downpour of heavy rain across the entire area, drenching everyone in soaking waters and quickly flooding it. Dealing severe damage per rain drop that hits them also generating more and more water empowering Thrasynos future water based attacks by an extreme amount. Fire based attacks from enemies are weakened by the same amount.

Doubles the effects of Water Elemental

Earth- Creates a sudden and powerfully earthquake to occur in the area, shaking the foundation of any surface and changing it into sharp and rocky mountain like terrain of sharp stones and jagged formations. This deals extreme earth damage to anything touching the ground and empowers Thrasynos's earth based abilities by an extreme amount. Wind Abilities from enemies are reduced in effectiveness by the same amount.

Doubles the effects of Earth Elemental

2nd Skill:
One for all, all for one- Thrasynos elements no longer are limited to their specific effects and instead are able to use the other element's special properties. Now using the same element on a speifc target multiply times will stack their effects and restart their timers if they have one.  

Tier Five
1st Skill:
High Heavens, Creation of All- Thrasyons Gains complete mastery over all four elements of creation (Fire, Water, Wind and Earth), able to completely control and create the elements at will and bend it to his will based on his own stats in terms of damage, speed etc. Each varying in size power and effect within a massive range around him.

Active component- On command he also gains buff to damage, AOE radius and speed to all attacks and effects that using at least one element of the main four buffing all their effectiveness by an extreme amount, each additional element in  single attack attack, the ability gains another extreme buff.

After using all four Elements Thrasyons can create a massive explosion of non elemental damage that appears either around him or in the area of the last ability to complete the chain. Dealing and extreme amount of damage in addition to the total amount of  the four elemental damage done throughout the topic from any source.

Using this non elemental force attack Thrasyons can't use this again until he uses the four elements again and 10 posts have passed.

The active last 10 posts and goes on cool down for 15, the passive part remains available while this is on cool down.


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