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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Annabeth's Character Link

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Annabeth's Character Link

Post by Baldamar Macgowan on Sun Oct 02, 2016 12:00 am

Ima Fulmen:
Annabeth's oldest and closest friend, and also the only person to have entertained her ambitions of leaving Oasis Station.

Ima Fulmen was the son of and heir to a prestigious line of war heroes and scientists of every field imaginable, and it was thanks to his family's seemingly limitless resources that Annabeth could have left at all. Unfortunately, her departure was a premature, spur-of-the-moment decision, and he was left behind by accident. Annabeth is still unsure as to how she should think of this, and keeps his bunk on the Venture II off-limits to passengers, as if he were still on board to use it. It is likely that Ima Fulmen is still on Oasis, assuming either survived the influx of Heartless that came after Annabeth's departure.

He and Annabeth often sparred with and against each other, and so each knows the other's style inside and out.

Ryley & Ozone:
A group of friendly spaceship pilots who Annabeth met some time after emerging in space.

Ryley was beyond helpful, granting Annabeth access to a map and directing her to a World that could act as a good starting point. Ozone seemed eager to make friends as well, but didn't get many chances to speak. At one point, a World called Agrabah was mentioned, and Annabeth found a few jobs there later on. The three have not met again since their first encounter.

A masked man who Annabeth met during her visit to San Fransokyo, and a rather awkward person to interact with.

He seemed willing enough to help Annabeth in her travels, giving her directions to different Worlds where she might find weaponry and jobs. He even offered to accompany her himself, but disappeared once she turned her back. As such, she left without him.

Certainly the most infuriating person Annabeth has met, and a murderer as well.

Vex' pastimes and occupations are unclear. From what Annabeth could gather, he was a traveling sellsword and vigilante, much like her. However, his sense of discretion and social skills left quite a lot to be desired, as even after Annabeth agreed to help him with a mark he just toddled about doing as he desired, leaving her in the dust several times in the process. The experience was so frustrating, in fact, that Annabeth ended up setting a plastic stick on fire with her mind. She has yet to figure out how, exactly, that works.

Isis Evita:
A rather spiritual woman who approached Annabeth in Traverse Town.

Isis has a knack for dressing strangely, even compared to most residents of the new Worlds. Makes references to 'spirits' now and then. In addition, she seems to have some sort of control over the spirits she talks about, and employs their help for a number of tasks. That, in addition to her apparent connection to some unsavory folk, makes her deceptively resourceful.

The most basic form of Heartless.

Shadows are small creatures that seem to have no interest in violence toward Annabeth. Other people see them as dangerous vermin to be exterminated. In action, they blend into dark or flat spaces easily to avoid attacks.

A tier-two Heartless native to Agrabah.

These Heartless seem to possess some manner of intelligence, and are rather adept with swords, enough so that they wield two large kopesh blades with ease. Their attire, weapons and fighting style seem to have been inspired by the desert bandits of Agrabah, and they tend to stay in the area. When given the chance, they attack relentlessly in groups.

A massive tier-two Heartless that knows how to wield its weight.

These living embodiments of the modern nutrition crisis are blessed with a shield of blubber, making them immune to physical attack from the front. They boast high health as well, but are sluggish and have no way to defend against magic. When their health dips low, they begin sliding around on their bellies at high speed. A good block will send them spinning out, however, making them easy targets afterward.

A unique tier-four Heartless who appeared in Agrabah.

The Micro Claw had a taste for the finer things in life, and ran off with a barrel of fine wine. When Annabeth cornered it, it fought back desperately with long jumps and swift slashes with unseen claws. It also brought some lower-tier Heartless into the battle for additional support.

One of few powerful Lingerers, remnants of once-powerful beings who were defeated, but not destroyed. First appeared in Agrabah.

Cadman never truly died, even when he was overwritten by the combined being, "RuXa". When most of RuXa was destroyed, his sheer power remained, given life by the instinctive will of his Heartless form. "Caduceus" waited, dormant, until it was called to action by the suffering of Heartless. With a new objective, it became active, and its magical powers, no longer limited to a human or Heartless form, were let loose to torment whoever it deemed a threat to its kind.
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