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"Wandering Minstrel" Character Application

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"Wandering Minstrel" Character Application

Post by Wandering Minstrel on Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:37 pm

Name: Wandering Minstrel
Age: Twenty-Two Years, Presumably
Species: Human (Somebody)

Primary Elements
1.) Light (Heart)
2.) Illusion (Advanced)
3.) -
4.) -

Personality: The Minstrel cares little for the affairs of Light and Dark, in terms of how they affect him. Rather, his interest is how he might bring pleasure to others by regaling them with tales of victories by heroes of new and old, and also of how he might bring them to shed a tear with tragedies of a villain's success. As such, if it ever comes to light that whoever he's speaking with doesn't have a story to tell or listen to, then he rarely wastes any time in dismissing them. He lives to write and spread his Ballads, and to see and feel their effects.

Appearance: A dashing young man who dresses in his iconic Fool's Uniform, a once-vibrant set of clothing that has long been dulled by use. It's safe to assume that it has been inherited from a mighty line of other bards, but his true treasure is his Minstrel's Hand Harp, which never leaves his side. He also tends to carry about random little trinkets he may have been gifted from the legendary individuals he's spoken to from the past, but typically knows nothing of how to use them, nor does he ever intend to part with them.
Image Reference:

History: The Wandering Minstrel is among the countless souls who had been displaced when the Heartless began consuming worlds completely, and is said to have originated from one of the worlds similar to that which the recent immigrants to Radiant Garden had come from. He is also one of the few to have truly capitalized on the event. Before the abrupt move, he would travel from one place to the next, finding heroes and using tales of their greatest battles as inspiration for his masterfully crafted songs.

Those who listened to the resulting pieces found themselves entranced in the story, and though they never truly heard the harp or the lyrics, they had felt as if they'd taken part in the battle themselves. Because of all this, he had gained quite a reputation among adventurers before. Now that he's in a new world, with new people and new history to record, he spends his time searching for new stories to hear, rewrite and tell again with the addition of his own little touch of magic.

Other Notes: The Wandering Minstrel is a character built to challenge other players who have conquered powerful foes in the past. If a player tells him of a battle they have beaten in the past, the Minstrel will rewrite it and ask for their opinion. Listening to this song will allow the player to attempt a revamped version of the previously-won fight, which will be much more difficult than before. Losing this fight, called a "Ballad," bears no penalty, as it is only the exaggerated rendition within the song. Failure instead represents the Minstrel making an error in his performance, while winning the fight represents the Minstrel successfully completing the song. Whether players will recieve rewards for winning Ballads, and what they may be, may be determined at staff discretion.

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Re: "Wandering Minstrel" Character Application

Post by Faye on Tue Oct 11, 2016 5:02 pm


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