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Becoming [Open]

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Becoming [Open]

Post by Caduceus on Sun Oct 23, 2016 11:28 am

A world on a floating rock, which was hidden behind magic. Yet, Caduceus seemed to've wandered here by accident or perhaps fate, having had located the magical purple train which was the only one different from the rest of them. The train had no driver, yet closed the door and picked itself up rather fast. It began moving and the red creature took a seat, hesitantly, in addition it's head would turn and inspect everything that made the slightest bump. Having it's interests' peaked so easily and so occasionally. The sentiment had no trouble passing time, in fact, it probably didn't even know what time was, because all it did was exist after all... Before it knew what was to happen, the vehicle hit it's breaks and there he was, it let him off at a tower. A mysterious, eerie tower.

Caduceus checked out the area on the outside the building first. He walked up to a bush, bobbed his head to the side and moved the branches around to peer inside. The Mute saw nothing within the confines of it's greeny leaves. The scent of nature was there, but no animals. Weird. This tower was deserted, so did that mean no one lived here? The Remnant slowly moved it's position to look up to the top of the world. Moving a hand outwards, a finger extended towards the door. The red entity felt it's legs moving on their own, and before it was even zoned back into reality... Cade was clenching the doorway entrance. Had he really walked all the way here, it was easily forty feet... What was it in the tower attracting him here? Such an odd place; thought the creature to himself. Then, in a single pull, the huge door opened.

"Maybe he isn't a hero for us, but for them. He'll fight-- he protects another kind of people. His people"

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