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Lena Vuzella

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Lena Vuzella

Post by Lena on Fri Oct 28, 2016 7:36 pm

Name: Lena Vuzella
Age: 22
Species: Human

Primary Elements
1.) Light

Personality: Angry is probably the best way to describe this performer.  In front of other people, she puts on a cheery facade of one who wishes to entertain an audience.  She acts kind to everyone she meets and overall usually keeps a gentle grin on her face.

    However, deep inside hides extreme anger and discomfort around most people in general.  When not in public, or in the performer's thoughts, Lena constantly complains to herself, has distaste around plenty of things people-related, has a tendency to tell her mind in extreme ways, and is overall a spiteful person.  If pushed enough or if she just stops caring, her positive act drops and makes way for a cold individual.

    Although Lena is cold, she does attempt to play nice around others.  Unless enraged, she won't tell people to go away just because she herself is spiteful, although she'll probably think a few things in the timespan.  Despite this, unless she needs to tell someone off, she tends to try not to interact unless first interacted with, or if she needs something.

    In fact, the only real time she's enjoying herself is when giving a performance.  Not wanting to actually entertain an audience, but rather herself, the girl has the most fun just letting go and doing insane stunts.


History: I really don't like people...

    Lena was forced through a very strict childhood in her home of Daybreak Town.  She was to behave like a proper lady or else take some serious punishment.  Sometimes it was just shouting, and sometimes it was just abusive assault on her.  She never made any friends when she went outside her household either.  Some people didn't want to approach the girl due to how she lived, afraid they might also have to deal with her problems.  Some people simply made fun of a girl as weak as Lena.  And some people just didn't even bother with her existence, treating her like any other ordinary person.  Summed up, Lena's life sucked.

    Over the years Lena grew spiteful of the world around her, but in order to not get backlash from her parents, she just started holding in her emotions and letting it out when no one was around.  The girl just assumed that everyone in the world was cruel and life sucked.  As far as she knew, there wasn't much good in the world she knew.  The only reason she hadn't given up was the day she met the traveling performer.

Performing...looks like fun...

    Lena, on her way home from school one day, was interrupted by a man in what she thought was a ridiculous attire.  The man asked her to help with a trick of his and, despite Lena's objections, pulled the girl onto his stage.  Hating everything around her with a smile, she just decided to get this over with so she could head home and scream into her pillow or something.  The man casually went over to a props basket and handed over some tomatoes to the girl.  The man walked to the other side of the stage and kindly asked Lena to chuck the tomatoes at him.  The girl was shocked at first, but alas, to let out some anger, she released them one at a time.  To Lena and the small crowd's amazement, the man caught all of the tomatoes and began juggling them.  They were a bit squished due to the grip of Lena and the performer's catch, but they were still mostly fine.  The performer casually walked over to Lena while juggling, leaned over, and told her some good advice.

"Don't just smile.  Smile like you mean it!"

    And then she got smacked in the face by some tomatoes.

    When she arrived home after helping a bit longer with the travelling performer, she didn't feel angry.  If anything she felt...relieved.  Playing around like that with someone who actually wanted her to be happy...for a moment, her world didn't seem that gloomy.  And she thought that someday, when she could leave her home, she would go out and put on more shows for her own amusement.  So until that time came, she just kept practicing by herself with whatever she could outside of her parents' views (because a proper lady wouldn't juggle balls or practice flips).

    When she finally got old enough to go out into the world, her parents were so proud of the proper lady she had become, sending her off with her own ship that they worked so hard to get so she could become a successful lady with an excellent job.  Despite the nice act she gave to her parents, the moment she took off from Daybreak Town, she chuckled with no intention whatsoever to do anything besides being an entertainer.

    Being a starting entertainer was hard, however.  She didn't have every trick she wanted down, and naturally she only attracted a few people in the few worlds she visited.  And throughout all the worlds she visited, she never did truly warm up to people, and instead just bottled it up.  She didn't really have many open outbursts, though.  Rather she just sighed and relaxed at wherever she stayed at the time.

    It took awhile before she found a permanent residence at Prankster's Paradise.  There she was able to perform to her heart's content, and eventually warm up to getting bigger crowds to perform the tricks she had practiced for awhile.

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Re: Lena Vuzella

Post by Veara on Fri Oct 28, 2016 8:33 pm

Approved, Welcome to the site! Hope ya enjoy

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