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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Natural Selection

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Natural Selection

Post by Daggoth on Tue Nov 15, 2016 7:45 pm

Base Ability:
Symbolism- Daggoth may fuse and take over objects or living creatures to better suit his needs and gaining their form and abilities to help in combat to either power them up or hinder them. He can fuse and leave at any point

While fused Daggoth can use either his own health and END or theirs when either they take damage or are effected by effects. Having then only one of them take any kind of harm or benefit.

While attached Daggoth can either lower or strengthened the host's abilities, stats etc by his own natural amount or by a varying amount depending on his will. Daggoth also gains the host's natural stats to boosts his own but cannot provided his bonus from them to his bonuses for them. Only up to a severe amount either or.

While fused Daggoth or his host may use each other abilities and traits during different kinds of circumstances. Daggoth can use any ability of his host if they allow it and if he wishes he can prevent the host from using his ability or trait if he uses it as well. The host can use any of Daggoth's abilities if he allows them, using either his or their own abilities or actions is also buffed up by Daggoth's character tier and corresponding stat included in their own.  

Base Ability Cool Down: N/A

Tier One
1st Skill:
Work Best Together- While fused Daggoth can lower the cool down on any of his host's or himself 1 per character teir's of his. Daggoth can also instead increase the cool down should be hosted to a enemy.

2nd Skill:
Whispers- Daggoth can telepathy communicate with his host while attached or if Daggoth hasn't attached to someone new or severed the established link, the longer one is attached to Daggoth the louder his voice in their head becomes if he wants it to.
3rd Skill:
Suit up- Daggoth is able to change his body to match that of ordinary armor or clothing at any point to hide himself  in camouflage or to help his host out for social interactions.

4th Skill:
Marked- Daggoth is able track a target he has marked with either his attacks or that are stuck with a piece of him, allowing him to know the location of the victim anywhere on the same world at any giving point.

5th Skill:
Clean Bill- Daggoth and his host halve all the duration of stats aliments on them, ending the ones that have no distractions to them based on half the enemies character tier

Tier Two
1st Skill:
Impede- Daggoth is able to mask his host's ability to feel damage or effects that have occurred to them but they will still occur naturally.

2nd Skill:
Buffer- Effects and damage that are applied to either the host or Daggoth is reduced by a moderate amount or are buff instead for enemies.

3rd Skill:
Chosen- Daggoth and his healing cannot be effected by anything negative unless he wishes it

4th Skill:
Stronger as one- Daggoth gains all the buffs on his host while also gaining buffs equal to half of his host's stats per post while they are fused.

Tier Three
1st Skill:
Nourishment- Damage that is dealt by Daggoth or his host while they are fused will provide the host with health based on how much damage they have been dealing. Daggoth gains half that amount. Enemies instead lose health based on the damage they deal to Daggoth's allies while fused with Daggoth and heal the Goo man by that much as well.  

2nd Skill:
Factor- Daggoth while fused to someone or object heals the host by serve amount each post, if he takes that damage for them then the host heals by half that amount. Enemies fused are instead are dealt severe amount of damage per post and take a bonus amount of half the damage dealt to them extra.

3rd Skill:
Nova- While fused Daggoth will accumulated the damage he has taken with his host and deal which he can use this active this skill and conjure a shield of himself surrounding his host. This unleashes a huge blast of Daggoth's body that spatters in a very large area from the host, dealing damage of that accumulated amount.  

Tier Fourth
1st Skill:
Spawn- While fused Daggoth is able to created 3 separate summons of himself or of his host with half of their stats and abilities. Each clone only has half of their original's max resources and can at best only use up to Teir 3 abilities or severely weakened abilities like spells.  

2nd Skill:
Might Guard- Daggoth and his allies all now receive healing equal to the damage dealt to all foes. Further any healing done to enemies is also healed onto himself and allies by the same amount that was healed by their enemies. Each time this occurs they are given a damage reduction bonus equal to half the total amount of heals.

Tier Five
1st Skill:
Einherjar- While fusing with a host Daggoth is able to retain everything about his hosts and transform into a version of them for his own use, copying their stats, abilities, Recent memory and styles but a severely lower versions. If he is fighting with his host he may separate and transform, so long as the original host is still present. Daggoth is still in full control of himself, not allowing the host's original thoughts to effect him at all.

Daggoth gain any resources with this ability to  be added to his own while taking form based on how much was left in his host before they separated. This host's retains their own resources as normal

Those allowed can also retain Daggoth's buffs and abilities while he is transformed off them for the duration of the topic but the shared abilities are weaker then the original by a severe amount. They cannot transform like he can.

They remain sharing the same effects of this tree even if they are separate.

This transformation last 6 pages.


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