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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Daughter of Nature's Blessing. (WIP)

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Daughter of Nature's Blessing. (WIP) Empty Daughter of Nature's Blessing. (WIP)

Post by Mobutt on Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:45 pm

Base Ability: Daughter of Nature's Blessing-a skill tree mostly based on the supportive and rp-based, unlike most skill-trees. An ability that she was born with, Tulip is able to do various things with things concerning nature-growth, animals/creatures, and, to some extent, nature itself. Nothing too godmoddy over here, in this Base Skill Tree. WIP for now.

Base Ability: Daughter of Nature's Blessing.
Base Ability Cool Down: Placeholder.

Tier One
1st Skill: Plant Sensatory System: Oh, plants? She can sense any problems within them-extending to sensing attacks and skills of the same elemnt when activated, mothers.
2nd Skill: Corruptor's Bane: She can, quite slowly but certainly and, if needed, irreversible, corrupt or poison most kind of organic plant life, up until the point where it can give diseases or change the plant entirely.
3rd Skill: Natural Camouflage: Tulip is able to blend into the trees, undergrowth, and most general covered-with-plant-growth areas. Although any trained-enough eye can spot her out of it, it still hides her well against others of not the same caliber.
4th Skill: Extra-organic Communication: Tulip's able to communicate with animals-not like directly 'talk' to them like some animal magic, but for now, she is a 'Animal Whisperer' of all shapes and sizes

Tier Two:
1st Skill: Animalistic manipulation: Tulip can control and manipulate mindless or uncontrolled creatures that roam around her, and can also sense their presence from up to 180 meters away from her.
2nd Skill: Weaponized Nature: She can take large trees, corrupt them-for more harm, but harder wielding-and turn them into 'wands', or as Tulip calls it, channels of magical energy. It ranges from slightly weak to VERY threatening, depending on tree, additional materials, and Tulip's streght.
[b]3rd Skill
: Defense Order: Exactly what you'd think from the name, Tulip then summons the power of all surrounding animals and plant life to her to either attack an opponent(s) or give life to something else.
4th Skill: Advanced Corruptor's Bane: This can now corrupt life much faster, can now reverse it to an extent, and now can corrupt food materials and to an extent, cause injuries on living things.

Tier Three
1st Skill:
2nd Skill:
3rd Skill:
4th Skill:

Tier Fourth
1st Skill:
2nd Skill:
3rd Skill:
4th Skill:

Tier Five
1st Skill:
2nd Skill:
3rd Skill:
4th Skill:

Main theme
Battle Theme

Character Tier(I)
MP(70) | GP(2)
STR Tier(I) | END Tier(I) | MAG Tier(II) | SYN Tier(I) | SPE Tier(II) | AGI Tier(I)

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