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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Terra Formatio || Drive Tree Empty Terra Formatio || Drive Tree

Post by Mobutt on Sat Nov 19, 2016 8:49 am

Focus Item: A rune.

(Terra Chained)
Cost: 2 DP, Character Tier 1.
Description: Terra Chained is the first form of Tulip's transformation and true powers. Usually undergoes a very large physical change, or as she calls it, 'Nature's extreme, temporary puberty'. The Drive Focus is fine.
Major Gain: Her speed prowess is greatly increased upon, making her quite the tricky opponent to go against, though in this current stage, this is the only MAJOR gain.
Major Drawback:Her very low physical prowess is reduced, making her unable to basically hurt people with any sort of physical attack.
1st Skill: Earth Powder: She is able to hit her enemies with an instant sleep powder-this does NOT count as knocking an opponent out, but she could be able to escape or charge attacks. Lasts two posts.
2nd Skill: Wisp Strikes: Tulip in Terra Chained is able to summon wisps-tiny creatures similar to fairies-to shoot magic at the opponent, either on one or over a large area, summoning up to three at a time.
3rd Skill: Crystal: Storage: She is able to take some of her Drive energy and store it into vulnerable crystals-the point being they can be emergency backup, or can be released for any surprise attack.
Appearance: https://sites.google.com/site/lostsagaimage/thum_char_view_n_113.jpg

(Terra Unchained)
Cost: 3 DP, Character Tier 3.
Description: Terra Unchained, the next step of Tulip's Drive form. This form is more suited to being passive, instead on the offensive, making both previous and current form viable. Drive Focus glows bright green.
Major Gain 1: She is now able to absorb Plant and Earth attacks, adding it to her store of power inside her. She is completely immune to them.
Major Gain 2: Tulip is able to grow 'wings', I.E. another one of nature's gifts. Although the wings can be destroyed temporarily, and have limited time, she is granted unlimited flight and can clear 5 meters in about her speed by 1.5.
Major Drawback: After the Drive Form is diminished, Tulip's Mana is drained for about half a minute, leaving her vulnerable for about 5 posts, though she's able to do everything else.
1st Skill: Gaia's Chains: After charging once, she can summon giant, earth-based chains that can either protect her well or trap and/or hurt the enemy. Although it drains power and has a cooldown of 5 posts, it is quite deadly.
2nd Skill: Anti-Aura: You know what Auras are? Yeah, this skill negates all the effects of opposing auras by her will-or anyone around her in about 100 meters in a circle. Wrecked, fools.
3rd Skill: Healing Ray: She is able to manifest some energy into positive energy, able to heal anyone greatly just by contact to anyone-it can be spread to more than one and any animal, save for Heartless, but then it becomes slightly weaker.
4th Skill: Natural Blessing: For about 24 seconds, her End is raised by a significant amount, albeit rendering her unable to harm anything, directly or indirectly.
5th Skill: Terra Sword Strike: Tulip is able to temporarily summon a sword that launches itself at high speeds at enemies. Meant for distraction rather than large damage.
Appearance: http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif

(Terra Unbound)
Cost: 5 DP, Character Tier 5
Description: In one, the Runes multiply into five, which all constantly hover by the side of Tulip, and each represent a boost-with one representing a major drawback. This is Terra Unbound.
Major Gain 1: She has 'Terra's Aura', an ability which is constantly healing her, not at a lot all the time, but soon enough, she quickly recovers from most injuries.
Major Gain 2: She is now able to Terraform the surrounding area, which, by my definition, is completely reshaping or changing the land up to 400 meters around her, including life, animals, atmosphere, etc.
Major Gain 3: When Tulip is within areas of large forest or wildlife, she can completely fade away from the scene-not technically teleporting, as she is moving at normal speed, but she is completely invisible from sight at the time.
Major Gain 4: She is able to summon her 'Terra Sword', an alternative to Keyblades. The Terra Sword can shoot beams of energy, is nearly as durable as a focus object, and can be used as a physical weapon with magic powering it-but it does not resist magic.
Major Drawback: Tulip is unable to kill in this form-which is incredibly ironic, as it is her most powerful form and can cause mass destruction to almost anything, this cannot be bypassed or changed.
1st Skill: Earth Powder.
2nd Skill: Healing Ray.
3rd Skill: Shields of a Goddess: Tulip is able to transform large piles of land into two surrounding 'shields' to protect herself, both enchanced with magic. They last until they are broken.
4th Skill: Fallen spirits: Tulip can call upon the fallen spirits of the dead-or anyone she has killed previously-and summon them to attack her opponents all at once, not reviving them but they have all offensive weapons with them. Disappear in 4 posts.
5th Skill: Anti-Aura.
6th Skill: Unbound: She can, when near defeat, go into a frenzy of earth-based attacks at the opponent in a massive field of a range of attacks. This is once a topic and until she is defeated or has one, her END is much less.
7th Skill: Absolute Grace: Temporarily, Tulip is able to make her SPD and AGI raise, at the cost of her defenses and offenses, although she has access to her other spells. Stops after four posts.
8th Skill: Corruptor's Armageddon: She can make landmass-and organic material-around 200 meters of her become 'corrupted', I.E. rotten flesh, bleeding, dead trees, lack of wildlife, etc.
Appearance: http://contest.playvaliantforce.com/images/gallery/Earth-Mage-Mimosa.jpg

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