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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Magia Raiden

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Magia Raiden

Post by Mobutt on Sun Nov 20, 2016 12:08 pm

Name: Magia Raiden.

Species: Human.


Power: Magia excels in magic of all kinds, and unlike Tulip, her best friend, she also has major endurance and is much faster. However, she is not as fast and tends to act before thinking out the situation.
Character Tier(III) | STR Tier(I) | END Tier(V) | MAG Tier(V) | SPE Tier(V) | AGI Tier(III)

Purpose: Magia is Diana-Tulip's surrogate 'mother'-actual daughter. As soon as Tulip had moved in with her, she took a liking to Tulip, although originally Tulip did not share the same feelings. She usually gives Tulip trouble by wandering into unknown places, and Tulip is forced to become the older 'sister' often. However, this helps to make Tulip, in turn, more curious and eventually a tiny bit more mature than previously. She is a major pacifist as well, preferring not to fight, even with her capabilities, though she gleefully taught Tulip magic, despite her just gradually learning.

History: Magia had an awfully regular life in Daybreak Town-at least until she became twelve. When she reached that age, Magia came into contact with Heartless and although she escaped, the event had effected her forever. Diana had instructed to just 'be more positive and forget about it!'
She took this very seriously and changed her whole personality of being similar to Tulip to her current style; free, uncaring, crazy and a bit arrogant-plus very nice and positive.
When Tulip had moved in, her initial expression of shock, sadness and hopelessness had also shocked her, and Magia was determined to change it overtime.
As Magia learnt more about Tulip, she began to like her real personality, not her current grumpy phase. Of course, Magia rubbed off well on her, and the two became good friends.
During this time, Diana decided to teach the two about magic-the most complicated of arts, why, as to which she wanted them to have self-defense, although they learnt the art quite well.
While Magia unnaturally excelled very well, then got a good grip and developed quite fast senses, Tulip did not, and found it quite difficult to learn from a grandmother, so Magia voluntarily took up the task herself.
So that is Magia-a mentor to Tulip, Tulip's little 'sister', and, technically, the light of Tulip's life in the deep darkness.

Ability Set:

Ability Name: Starcry.
Function: This ability allows her to call on for a wish-even though the wish have capabilities, and can be only used for good purposes, Magia still somehow manages to do damage with it accidently.

Ability Name: Crystal Shield.
Function: This is her second and last ability for now. It allows her to form a crystal dome that is near unbreakable-ranging from  meters to about 75 meters, depending on her focus and if she's being helped.

Armory: Magia prefers no armour, as it slows her down a lot. However, she does have an enchanted necklace around her neck.
Item Name: Nevalia.
Item Type: Necklace.
Item Abilities: The item does many things. For one, it stops her from feeling corruption and from becoming evil. For two, the necklace is a very large storage of magical energy, which helps keep Magia going, as her 'natural' mana is not very high at all. Finally, the thing can turn into a non-magical scythe.

Main theme
Battle Theme

Character Tier(I)
MP(70) | GP(2)
STR Tier(I) | END Tier(I) | MAG Tier(II) | SYN Tier(I) | SPE Tier(II) | AGI Tier(I)

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Re: Magia Raiden

Post by Faye on Sun Nov 27, 2016 9:53 pm


Character Tier(V)
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