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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Cai on Tue Nov 22, 2016 10:22 pm

Chase- Whenever Cai hits an opponent with either Gae Bolg or Titania, he automatically marks them and can once every three posts home in on their position and appear next to them. The mark can be applied to multiple people and can only be removed through restorative spells.

Hound- Cai applies Chase to his weapons and can have a thrown spear retain all of its speed, power and momentum, and teleport it closer to them in attempts to have an easier time with hitting them.

Reaver- Cai rears back his arm with a spear in hand and can charge energy into the spear for a post, before he looses the projectile. This is an empowered projectile that moves as fast as lightning and can easily pierce most forms of defense, while heavily damaging those struck by it. During the charge, he can be interrupted.

Sleuth- Cai within a 500 foot radius, can sense out opponents wherever they may be, no matter what it is they used to hide themselves. The effect of locating them lasts for three turns and goes on a three turn post cool down afterwards.

Jump- Cai can instantly teleport himself to the air and fiercely crash down to the ground as fast as a lightning bolt, creating a sizable explosion and sending vicious bolts of lightning out in a medium range. Those who are directly hit by the attack receive an extreme amount of damage.

Gae Bolg and Titania- A dual set of spears that Cai wields with a masterful touch. These can be used as catalysts for his weapons and have the ability to return to his side, at his beck and call. Those other than Cai cannot wield the weapons and thus are unable to lift it and promptly smacked away by a brutal force.

Bear Trap- This weapon takes the form of a series of tags that must be placed in a circular manner in order for their effect to take place. Successful completion of the circle allows one target that Cai chooses, to be bound and suspended in mid-air, unable to use their items and abilities. This effect is only applicable to one person and can be stopped through disruption of all tags. Cai must place up to six tags successfully in order to trigger the effect.


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