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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Emilia's Toy Chest

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Emilia's Toy Chest Empty Emilia's Toy Chest

Post by Emilia on Wed Nov 23, 2016 5:36 am

Emilia's Toy Chest JhkxHby
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Emilia's Toy Chest Empty Armory

Post by Emilia on Sat Dec 31, 2016 9:48 am

Reaper Rabbit

Despite being a fairly new addition to her arsenal, Reaper Rabbit tends to be Emilia's primary weapon of choice nowadays. It's a powerful, magically enchanted and synthesised chainsaw designed specifically for and by her. Made entirely out of orichalcum and imbued with powerful enchantments dedicated to enhancing its cutting power and durability, Reaper Rabbit can easily tear through the most well-made armors like a hot knife through butter, and few weapons (including keyblades) can hold out against it in the midst of a clash. Human skin and bones are obviously no match for such a potent weapon; a horde of people is no more of a challenge to it than grass is to a lawnmower. By revving it up, Emilia can temporarily imbue it with one of her elements, doing things such as surrounding the blade of the weapon in searing flames or seething darkness for example.

Emilia's Toy Chest 52768855_390x636


A generic scythe which lacks a name. In her youth, this was the weapon Emilia used the most, although it's gone through so many modifications over the years that it's hardly recognizable as such. It's completely weightless thanks to an enchantment placed upon it a long time ago and as such can be swung around with little to no effort. Even a child could wield it, which was originally the point.

Spear of Destiny

A completely normal spear wielded by a senile storyteller who convinced herself it was the key to defeating Onyx. After a very brief run-in with Apocalypse, the storyteller died an uneventful death and Emilia claimed the spear she wielded for herself. It's more or less just a keepsake, but occasionally it'll see combat use. After all, every dog has its day... Except Annie. Annie's dead.

Emilia's Toy Chest KsAmoau

Bunny Hoodie

Emilia's hoodie isn't just stylish, it's also protective. Because magic. Its durability is comparable to that of steel armor, but unlike a normal set of armor, it doesn't hinder the wearer's speed in the slightest.

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