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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Experimentation Log

Post by Celia Darkson on Thu Dec 01, 2016 10:14 pm

Eldritch Truth- A tome that Celia has carried with her for decades and remains the most potent weapon in her arsenal. The tome has evolved over the years thanks to Celia's repeated experiments and knowledge gain since coming to Mirage Hearts, granting her the ability to access the elements in some of their rawest forms. Primal elements and the advanced element of space are at her disposal, to which she can use them quite effectively when on the field.

Study- Should Celia focus on any one spell, she can immediately identify how the spell was constructed and if taken a step further, can unravel said spell. One example features her being able to negate the entirety of a fireball mid-flight. This ability is limited to what is in her immediate line of sight.

Study II- Should Celia somehow obtain DNA from any object, she has the ability to ascertain their chemical and biological make-up, allowing her to craft potions or poisons tailored to their genetics.

Study III- A more complex version of all her Study skills, which allows her to gather information on esoteric beings and exploit their weaknesses. To do this, she needs a live sample i.e. a whole heartless and/or nobody.

Puppet Show- Celia has the ability to take the bodies of fallen enemies and turn them into her own personal servants that, depending on the damage done to their bodies before conversion, can be buffed and enhanced to be efficient killing machines. She can tamper with their minds (if a body is fresh) and have it replicate the person's entire personality to fool suspecting peers. Celia at the moment, has gathered five puppets and can summon them at will.

Yellow- A halberd that Celia crafted for herself and works in tandem with Eldritch Truth. She can apply the effects of spells to the blade and have them react to outside stimulai. This means if she activates a fire spell on the halberd, it can provide fire damage or if Meteor is applied, then every strike from the blade is akin to having meteor hit the person should the strikes land.

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