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Maya Eroheim

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Maya Eroheim

Post by Zienna on Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:14 pm

Name: Maya Eroheim

Species: Succubus


Power: Unknown
Character ?? | STR Tier ?? | END Tier ?? | MAG Tier ?? | SPE Tier ?? | AGI Tier ??

Purpose: Zienna's full-blooded elder succubus mother.

History: Maya was one of the top-ranking agents of hell, sent to Limbo to seduce the population to side with the kingdom against Heaven, however she was met with resistance from Juno, a Seraphi commander of the highest order and as such was immune to the succubus' demonic charms. They clashed on multiple occasions, with Maya taunting the Seraph every time she escaped.

Since Limbo was against Heaven and Hell, Juno and his group fought against them as well. Spent and exhausted from a battle with the succubus, Juno was ambushed, and would have surely died if Maya didn't step in to save him at the last minute. She liked playing with the Seraph, and may have legitimately fallen for him over the course of their battles.

Juno hadn't forgotten what she had done for him, and that left him open to the succubus' charms, or so his superiors thought when he returned the favor when she was finally caught and scheduled for execution. In truth, Juno's extended time in Limbo allowed him to see that both kingdoms of Heaven and Hell were so much alike in how they treated Limbo's people. While he wasn't fond of Hell's soldiers, he took note that the few people that followed Maya was doing so with their own free will despite the woman having the powers needed to simply make them her slaves.

Maya had the same realization much earlier, and was secretly plotting to bolster Limbo's defense against both kingdoms, but saving Juno earned her an early exile, which cut her off from resources. With their purposes then aligned, they forged an uneasy alliance. Those who followed Juno into this unholy pact weren't too trusting of the temptress, but her actions swayed them. She was genuine with her goals, and that served as the catalyst to making the alliance stronger.

They continually gained power as they convinced soldiers from the two kingdoms to join them until Limbo was strong enough to stand against Heaven and Hell in a fair battle. Though they were instrumental to the rising power of Limbo, Juno and Maya were only a small part of the bigger picture. There were others who found themselves in similar situations, which proved that members of each kingdom could coexist.

Somewhere down the line, Maya and Juno became inseparable and gave life to twin sisters. But because their powers were unstable thanks to various complications with both parents being complete opposites in their alignment, the twins were born with unstable powers that not even they could control. Fearing the worst, they sealed the older twin into the younger one to achieve a balance.

This is where Zienna's story begins, and while Maya and Juno were guiding her throughout her young life, she was a free spirit and she soon decided to explore on her own. They let her, of course, but they would check up on things from time to time with the help of a Seer they had befriended over the years.

Ability Set: [Unknown]

Armory: [Unknown]


Character: T2
MAX MP: 120
STR: T2 || 3
END: T3 || 5
MAG: T3 || 5
SPE: T3 || 5
AGI: T3 || 5
SYN: T2 || 3

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Re: Maya Eroheim

Post by Marigold Darkson on Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:26 pm


Character Tier(5)
MP(700) | GP(10)
STR Tier(5) | END Tier(5) | MAG Tier(5) | SYN (5) | SPE Tier(5) | AGI Tier(5)
Marigold Darkson
Marigold Darkson

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