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Emperor Sa'roth

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Emperor Sa'roth

Post by Sa'roth on Tue Dec 13, 2016 1:31 am

Name: Sa'roth
Age: ***
Species: Somebody

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Space
3.) Fire

Personality: Sa'roth is a beast of energy who has lived throughout time as an Emperor, due to this even if he is to approach another with civil intention's he expects to be given the treatment that should always be given to one who rules. If not he follows a three penalty rule, at the first offense, the perpetrator loses a hand. At the second offense the tongue is to be removed from the mouth, and on the third offense the head is to be removed from the body and delivered to the family of the guilty. These rules are naturally to be followed and no explanation will ever be given to those who fail to follow them.

History: The Emperor has ruled over his land for quite some time. An by quite some time, naturally over hundreds of years. Emperor after making a deal with the demon's of his own universe was granted power, beyond those becoming an immeasurable feat within his own land. For the first hundred year's naturally he followed the deal that he had with the creature's who had given him this power. Although, after time passed Sa'roth discovered more and more to the abilities he was given to the point he was capable of eventually overpowering those who once shackled him. Though with the Emperor being able to become this powerful his own universe rejected him and issued a call out to other universes to eject him. The call was eventually answered by a simple island champion, and Sa'roth couldn't help but feel as though he was mocked being challenged by a simple foreigner from an island. Though when the smoke cleared the unthinkable had happened, the emperor was beaten. Ejected from his own universe and land, Sa'roth now is forced to walk in between and among the multiverse unable to return to his own home. Though finally he has a plan to return to a new universe using the legacy of the one who has humbled him through those who walk among him.

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Re: Emperor Sa'roth

Post by Faye on Tue Dec 13, 2016 3:36 am


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