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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Lenneth on Thu Dec 15, 2016 1:19 am

Name: Nephthys/ The Spinner of Creation

Species:  Emblem Heartless/ Mutation


Character (Tier 5) | STR Tier (5) | END Tier(5) | MAG Tier(4) | SPE Tier(5) | AGI Tier(4) | SYN Tier (2)

Purpose:  Nephthys is the Lord of Evolution and Mistress of the birthing grounds for specialized heartless that are created in service to Lenneth's court and restoration overseer of his people. It is her duty to cultivated countless specialized heartless and adjusted them to suit the kingdom needs into a more stable and advance species to the wild card of normal breeds that wonder around freely.

Another reason would be to restore those broke hearts that are beyond the reach of more common means and have left them more broken animals then anything. Healing the damaged heartless, restoring their bodies, advancing of their powers and changing them to the needs that are brought by his master. She is constantly producing new heartless in a much more natural speed then the normal process and having them copy themselves with the addition of more heartless gathered around.    

His goal in life is to simply expend and grow, she is a mass of multiply fragments of heartless that have not been taken the darkness as a whole. As a result he has no strong cohesive desires beyond growing and growing stronger as new darkness and minds become a apart of her mass and his children to grow and spread across the darkness, her beloved heartless.  

Her identity is mostly cohesive and whole thanks to Lenneth's influence, commanding her darkness into a singular focus goal and cluster of minds that in essence all work towards their purpose. And thanks to Lenneth Nephthys has gained more then a hunger greater then most heartless have to suffer through and become an actually identity herself with his own pleasures of existing to enjoy. Perfection is there goal, something to chase but never acquire as change is the only way to survive.    


Nephthys in essence of a combination of countless different broken heartless that were not  born entirely whole to gain and identity of their own and pieces of heartless slain sloppy by keybears or experiments from other forces. Shattering the entirely of the hearts and their darkness forming the unique heartless. Culminating into huge mass of a monster that has no real sense of self or identity. A hunger of hearts that took in any stray darkness into itself and try to cling onto some semblance of direction, being pulled in by thousands of different desires really tore Nephthys apart.    

Growing in power every day this heartless only found the addition of other heartless only fueling its pain, tearing away at the once whole heartless pray to then add in the chaos of a fresh new darkness and memories.

It was Lenneth whom found the massive heartless and study the strange abnormality growing in his wild lands. What he found was an ever growing being changing and taking in the strongest parts of its fallen kinsmen before moving on. The creature would even break parts of itself off during stronger conflicts that would share characteristics of the prime body but if left alone would be again consumed. It was an interesting to see even heartless flawed like the broken. Nephthys reminded him of the state of the end of worlds, a world created by the broken hearts of fallen lands mashed up together. Giving her and him life once more he tailored at best an identity for the mutant while tasking them with bettering and helping their kinsmen.  

Ability Set:

Blessing of Life: While Nephthys is active in combat she can summon her children to her side and aid her in the fight. She can call upon a great number and variety of them.

Body type: Nephthys has the ability moderately alter her body as a weapons, ex to extend her nails to extremely lengths, strengthening them into powerfully metals to use as blades and weapons or lash out her tail or even melt into a gel like substance.

Life stream: Nephthys has the power to manifest her kin’s life-force as a weapon, conjuring a rune to mark the ventilation from their world. Once she places the rune in any space in a large distance around her the rune with then erupted into a massive stream of energy shooting out from it. She can choose to fire the energies as powerfully explosive bullets from her body that move much faster then the stream but deal slightly less damage. This stream of energies deals a great deal of damage to non- heartless. The energies will instead heal her heartless by the same amount if they are hit too.

Piece of me: Each time she is dealt damage Heartless are summoned to the battle flied, after this effect is used twice the third time 1 larger heartless be summoned.

Alpha pack
: Touching part of any substances with her body Nephthys can absorb it into herself and take on the properties of such, ex turning her body into metals, fires or etc. Anytime she lands a blow or touches her foes she will deal additional damage to them by a moderate bonus as well as that target is largely more variable to damage from other Heartless in her family.

Weaver of life: Nephthys projects a powerfully aura of her species sinister energies, enriching those around her with moderate bonus to their overall stats and healing their wounds when not in top conditions as well by the same amount so long as they are within a massive distance of effect from her. If focused for a single purpose she can adjust her aura to provide only one type of boost while ignore the other, significantly increase the effects of what is being projected.

Master of Evolution: Nephthys is able to mold and adjust her heartless with different physical properties and adjust that stats as needed. They do not gain more power but adapted to different circumstances. Heartless that do live she can empower but they cannot be done in combat and must rest and rebirth them into a new creature.

Tier: 5th [Legacy] | MP: 875 | DP: 13
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