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Skill-Trees and Summons




Skill-Trees and Summons


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Post by Lenneth on Sat Dec 17, 2016 4:11 pm

Name: Zorja / The Dark Valkyrie  

Species: Demoness/ Somebody


Character 4 | STR Tier 5 | END Tier 4 | MAG Tier 3 | SPE Tier 4 | AGI Tier 4 | SYN Tier 5

Purpose: Zorja is a powerfully solider within Lenneth's court, leading the charge as the tip of the spear and coordinate for any of his forces in the front lines. She is Lenenth's general that is always in the middle of the battle flied to ensure orders are given, followed and adjusted as the battle changes.

She is purely one for combat and has fallen to the fear of losing whom she cherishes and the thrill of combat fighting that fear head on. She cares deeply for her people even though they have become heartless and now sees them all as her people. She will live and die for them.

Zorja was a mighty general and warrior within her kingdom. She lead their forces with great valour and success in the name of her home land. Recognized as their greatest warrior she has helped lead her kingdom countless years of prosperity against the warring nations and plunging their wealth for their own, growing her kingdom into the larger one with each victory. It mattered little to Zorja as her people and country remained safe and the people shared this wealth.

However the kingdom's nobles were not quite as kind, drawing in more of the wealth and power for themselves while giving smaller and smaller amounts to the rest of the population. Even their ruler partook in the greed as time passed as their kingdom grew into a super power. This greed slowly swallowed them up, leaving the darkness within their hearts to grow and empower the emotions further, circling back and feeding the cycle.

Zorja turned a blind eye to them, focusing only on how the people were still well cared for despite the decreasing spoils of war they would get. To her it only meant that she would need to bring in larger hoards of treasures and labour to make that smaller chunk larger for everyone while also appease her king and their court to continue to gain their support.      

These desires became the folly of her people as their hearts filled with the overwhelming excessive desire for more called the heartless to the world, hunger for hearts that would give in too much of themselves. Years the demon kingdom fought bravely and won many victorious temporally against the dark ones but in time their forces became depleted, their monuments stripped and broken down and all of the fat nobles and helpless civilians that couldn't depend on themselves fell into a deeper form of darkness with Zorja ready to meet her end.

By chance Lenneth was on the world as well, sensing the world about to be devoured by darkness to find its people and the lands breaking away. He found the last demon there fighting to the last of her breath against the horde. Holding onto what seemed like broken bits of clothing, sad she seemed while clinging to life not hers though from the feeling. A different feeling of lost something so close to her more then what her own life meant.

Such a noble warrior and something he could understand her feeling. She wanted to protect what was most important to her. It was rare feat he could sympathies with, with her power, conviction and resolve so he chose to grant her power and position. More importantly a second chance. Her people now became the heartless, giving her this insight changed her perceptive on the monsters that took her home. In exchange for their well being the demoness would serve Lenneth's kingdom where hers had become one with. She was spared to serve him but also remind Lenneth of the will to protect others whom even if they are mere shadows of themselves hold the memory of what is important, of what is worth clinging on to.  

Ability Set:

Intervene: Zorja  has the ability to disrupt the mana flow of people she physical touches, causing them to back fire based on the amount would be active after she marks them. Causing the ability to turn on its user or not appear at all but still wasting the resource. However this will cause Zorja damage based on half the power of the interference regardless of the effects and she cannot use this ability for three more posts.  

Battle Maiden: Zorja has the ability to enhance one of her stats or an abilities by an extreme amount for one post. She can also hold the ability to use this, enhance one of these ability by a severe amount per post that she charges and lasting the same number of post which this is held.  

Weapon's Crafter Zorja has the ability to create a variety of different weapons and armour from the elements and matter around her, grabbing them as they form close to her and enhancing them to match her syth tier's ability, sharpness and durability. Previous items that have synth abilities attached to them will also be enhanced or debuffed by a severe amount if she clashes with them with each attacks or if they hit her armours.

Valhalla: Any targets whom have Fallen in battle, either died or gone unconsciousness around her area will conjure a shadow form mimicking the fallen's body shape and appearance. The shadows will fight for Zorja and assist her in any way they can. They only have the physical ability of the fallen. They cannot use items, abilities or magic from their hosts. They last as long as their originals would but should the fallen be raised shadows will vanish.    

Killer Hands: Zorja allows her to strike at targets not on the physical realm and  help break down magical barriers that block her path.

Living Focus: This allows Zorja enhance her sights, seeing into her targets body to evaluate weakness, strengths, species, and age. This also help pierce through disguise efforts of those lower then her magical tier, letting her see the true enemy before her.  

Mystic Adapted: Zojra has basic usage and understanding of magics of scholars as classic and well known spells of the common elements.


Item Name: Sithis
Item Type: Full body Armor
Item Abilities: Zojra armor is a living construct that is connect to her own life force, it is able to think, move and shape itself into a variety of metals and objects to assist its host while providing supportive magics to her. If she dies so does the armor.

Item Name: Heart Eater
Item Type: Her main shapeshifting weapon
Item Abilities: Zorja's main weapon deals severely more damage each time it hits its intent foe which she must mark as her prey. Should she choose a group of enemies then the weapon deals its damage with an AOE splash of energy each strike in a moderate area around the strike. Both sets of extra damage heal her by the amount dealt by the bonus effects of this weapon only. Should she slay a non-heartless enemy she is able to claim their heart much like a normal heartless can and gain protections based on the defeat's own damage reduction buffs.

Tier: 5th [Legacy] | MP: 875 | DP: 13
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