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Guests are a gift Empty Guests are a gift

Post by Skye on Thu Jan 12, 2017 11:04 am

Bright, a slight breeze that didn't have much power behind it. Though, there was enough that on the property the palm tree that had the mailbox built onto it swayed this way and that. The tall house stood proudly just down the road, from the IC's house and beyond that a new mansion that was just built next to the Darkson manor. Though his house wasn't as beautiful and majestic as those two, it was bigger then the IC's house. Though his house was never meant to be part of the competition for most grand home on the block, it was meant for him to start a family and have a place where his daughter and the children that knew him as uncle had a place to call home. The house was well furbished and pretty modernized having a bay window that over looked the ocean in the upstairs 'masters' bedroom rather then the living room, and connected to that room was a bathroom. In the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom there was simply the sound of buzzing along with the ho's and hum's and a voice behind a door that was slightly open. Happily humming while the sound of shears could be heard he stood in front of the rather large mirror that was bought for the bathroom. The appearance in the mirror was a five foot man wearing a large light green shirt that exposed one of his shoulders and black shorts that only went so far down, however enough to cover up.

The sink was filled with strands and large clumps of silver hair that were thrown about in the mid sized sink. After about an hour the sound of shears and humming  that were the only company for the bed and bath had come to an end. Placing the shears on the side of the sink he patted and fluffed his hair. He spun in front of the mirror and he smiled at his work, gone was the hair that went beyond his hair and that he adopted over the past eight years and now once again he had the hair that  he sported twenty years ago. Fluffing it and admiring himself in the mirror he did different poses in front of the mirror, though quickly his subconscious reminded him of his age. Smiling and giggling at himself in the mirror and liking his new coat the man of the house decided he should at least clean up the mess that he made with all the hair in the sink. It took him awhile however, he worked happily and hummed still bringing in a vacuum cleaner to make the work quicker and so he wasn't stuck for another twenty minutes cleaning up but, rather a simple four minutes. Finishing up and putting the vacuum away he made his way down the steps and into the living room passing many different photos and shelves with knick knacks the family had accumulated over the year, most of them having emotional or sentimental value for the man of the house. Looking at his reflection in a window pane and staring he looked at the window and fixed his hair smiling at his choice to cut it once again and couldn't wait to see the others reactions.

Though at this point while staring at himself once again outside the window he saw a figure's shadow walking up the house. Figuring it would be someone from the Island or perhaps one of his friend's he smiled and tried to skip towards the front door. That was until he felt in his upper thigh and lower mid torso coming to an abrupt halt, apparently spinning was okay, but skipping was not. Go figure. Finally hearing the knock at the door the man of the house smiled and swung the door open a large smile on his face with his eyes closed.

"Good morning!" He opened his eyes to see Harley standing before him. He seemed a little surprised and he stared at Skye for quite awhile looking at him as if something was different, however he never said anything and simply invited himself into Skye's home. Harley, however could feel the death stare on his back and quickly jumped onto the couch laying down on the comfortable material. Harley turned around to find Skye still standing there holding the door open the stare he had looking past his eyes and straight into his soul.

"Alright, Good morning Skye and also I've love what you've done with your hair." Harley spoke as if he were performing a unenthusiastic cold read. Though, that alone was enough for Skye as he closed the door and sat down on the comfy floor rather then the other couch that connected to the one Harley sat on. They both were there in silence for a moment or two, however it was obvious Harley came for a reason and something was definitely on his mind that must be bothering him since he wasn't his usual peppy self. There was a moment of silence before Harley sighed and looked over at him breathing in for a moment or so..before speaking.

"We need to talk about the worlds."

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