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OPEN: Your Song (Minstrel's Ballad Entry)

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OPEN: Your Song (Minstrel's Ballad Entry)

Post by Wandering Minstrel on Fri Feb 03, 2017 10:18 pm

It was an unfortunate moment indeed when he'd discovered that this 'Traverse Town' had no tavern or inn for him to set up shop in. There was just no place more fitting for one of his profession.

The square would have to do, in the end, and he set up his stool and easel there as he waited. The past hour he'd spent strolling about the dim streets, nailing posters here and there with images of harps and musical notes, and a message that clearly stated that he was looking for someone with a tale to tell, of which he could then compose a song to retell of the events. With all that spread around the walls and alleys, his request was likely to reach anyone passing through town...

In truth, his goal was of much more than simply business. He was dependent on his music for pay, yes, but it was far more than just that which he sought. He took joy in being able to gather and share the grand tales of clashes between good and evil in a way only he had been able to perfect. To this day, he wasn't quite sure how, but he had a knack for immersing the listener in whatever story he retold, and would, on many occasions, gain a number of compliments afterward for how they had felt as if they'd been present to the event itself. Things like this had taught him that he possessed a unique talent, and with it came a duty to continue onward, spreading whatever stories he could gather with anyone he met.

Now, recently, he had found himself at a disparity of content, and so that was why he found himself here, sat upon a stool in the center of an unfamiliar town, awaiting whomever may follow his curtain call. And of course, he'd be following his usual policy: That any who share their tales with him may be given, in return, a performance of whatever song is written as a result- Free of charge.

Share the story of a boss fight you've won in the past with the Wandering Minstrel and you'll gain access to the Minstrel's Ballad, in which you can attempt to defeat a buffed-up challenge version. Losing a Ballad fight bears no penalty on the player or player character, and allies can be brought along as well.

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