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Meara Empty Meara

Post by Meara on Fri Mar 17, 2017 4:25 am

Name: Meara || Nickname: Mara
Age: 16
Species: Somebody, Student

Primary Elements
|| Darkness||
|| Space ||
|| Thunder ||
|| Water ||


An incredibly emotional and optimistic boy who acts constantly on his emotions and wears his heart on his sleeve. To his friends, Mara is usually a hassle and doesn't go by the book. It's sometimes hard to predict his next action, however he feels the persistent need to help others. Usually taking quests at the drop of a hat and, unfortunately, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree the boy sometimes being quite naive. Due to a running gag among the adults who partook in raising him he is a firm believer that infants come from the ocean. Mara is someone with a great amount of patience, however every once in a while when pushed a little too far he has other sides then just happy or sad. When extremely emotional he has a hard time controlling himself usually he'll try to get away from people if this is the case. Though if they keep poking the bear, eventually the 'dragon' will bear it's fangs. Another side that has recently popped up that isn't seen quite often is a rather softer side of Mara, one that isn't as upbeat as his usual self. Though, very few see this side of him usually only his slime.

A boy whose around the height of 6'0, his body is both toned and defined, however it is always covered with layers of clothing. At the Academy he wears his own version of the uniform after changing the blazer around a little he wears a long sleeved orange and black shirt underneath his blazer.  With black pants that are frayed and have taped to his left thigh is a small pouch filled with throwing knives.When resting in his own dorm or on free-days he usually simply has struggle-ball shorts on along with with a simple different colored tank top. On rare occasions he can be seen wearing a black hoodie that has horns on the top of the hood itself, however he keeps that article of clothing too himself. The last noted feature that is easily seen is that he has a feather on a necklace that he seems to be very cautious and protective over.

Meara Amnesia_toma_png_by_bloomsama-d6cqb81

After The Black Plague, Schwartz was given the ability to be able to have a child, it wasn't long before she quickly went to work. Later on during that same year Meara was finally born. Quickly, he was given nickname of Mar or Mara among the adults within his life. Mara has always had a carefree life when younger, as most parents strive to give their toddlers and infants. The boy didn't want for anything, however at the same time he wasn't spoiled... or at least they tried their hardest not to spoil him.

Though even at early ages, the boy was showing signs of developing powers. Most importantly, at an early age, it was shown out of his family litter that he was chosen to carry on the legacy. In other words, having the power within the family. After a very long and strongly worded talk between the alpha and the beta (otherwise known as Veara and Schwartz), it was decided that Schwartz would begin to train him. When she began the training of her son, she initially was very easy on the boy for obvious reasons, making it similar to that of playtime. Soon he was trained by friends of the family with other talents and eventually, when he grew older, he was able to receive training on other matters. Despite all of this though he never received serious training from his father. During his time on the island Mara since around the age of eleven had a crush on a certain girl on the islands who had red and blue eyes, however due to his shyness on this matter he never told her. Afraid of ruining his friendship or rather being rejected for simply being a short island bumpkin. The boy tried to impress the girl slowly changing himself, and his appearance, starting to at least take care of the way he looked when she was around. He always tried to talk to her, however whether thanks to his own flaws or the fact of her overprotective brother was around their conversation's never real excelled over the line of friendship.

A couple years would pass of Meara living on the island's and finally the boy decided he was old enough, and tall enough and maybe possibly 'almost' good looking enough to try and ask the Darkson out. Just to find out later that day she had begun dating another, heartbroken, but accepting it was his own fault for never being able to confess her and always being a coward about it. So he began to spend a lot more time with his close friend's on the island. The children of his uncle's, together they went on many a bizarre adventure. As their time passed together and their bonds would grow, soon they would be separated from one another. Both his friends Alyssa and Xaq rather than attending The Academy were going on journeys with their parent's to fully understand their power and reach their max potential. Saddened by the thought of losing his two friends that were always with him he still he had hope about what his father planned for him. His surprise was to find out he was enrolled for the academy, and was presented with his bracelet. When he asked his parent's about the possibility of learning finally from his alpha instead they both quickly denied it saying he would be much better off at the academy. He pleaded with his parent's still they refused to teach more advanced area's saying he would thrive better in the academy.

The following nights when he slept he felt as though he wasn't alone, as if something else was within his dreams with him, a voice whispering foreign thoughts into his head. This was his simply his parents way of saying they were done with him. An that now he was a teen they were going to kick him to the curb. Completely focus on the nurturing of his sisters and see if they would get it right with them. He was simply a lost cause within the eyes of his parents. Naturally he denied all of this, refusing to believe his treacherous dreams. Not telling his parents thinking they would simply label it as some kinda attempt for attention and brush it off as they did his training request. Though after being shown images and scenes that seemed too alive to be fake he began to be swayed. The boy felt as if he were sinking. Drowning in his own dreams and being suffocated by the idea that he was some type of plague, on the people that he knew. The more scenes that were shown to him every night, it went from a possibility to an almost absolute in his head. Finally, on the second night, before he were to leave for the academy once again the horrid dream's returned. This time, however they were at their worst. Mara isn't even capable of recalling that dream all he remember's is flowers falling. The last dream affected him greatly and in that last moment when it felt as he was barely above the undertow someone appeared before him. The only noticeable feature was that they were indeed human and they were stepping on his head, the voice was excited and couldn't wait until he was completely consumed. Mara awoke in his bed with a cold sweat next to his bed was his mother. She asked if he was alright and stated she could hear him from down the hall, however his light sleeper sisters slept peacefully in the room next door. Ensuring her that everything was alright eventually after ten minutes, she left the room. Though she was gone, when alone in the darkness of his room it felt as though someone else was with him.

The following day he received  his uniform in the mail and after making some 'adjustments' to his official clothing, Mara felt at least a little joy. Though, losing his two best friends and the possible thought that his parents couldn't wait to be rid of him was never that far away from his head. The time passed and the only one from his family he spoke to on a friendly level was Su lime and his sisters. When the time came for the very first day the boy used his bracelet, and with his pet slime on his shoulder he left the islands and headed for the academy ensuring to get out of his parents way a.s.a.p. never meeting with them or saying goodbye before he left. Now that he's at the Academy his goal is too try and simply distance himself from his parent's name as much as he possibly can. Though with just one of them just being  an adventurer he figures it shouldn't be too hard. 

Other Notes:
Mara bears pitch black eyes the same as his mother.

Mara, when young, was imprinted on by Su Lime(Pet Slime). Mara can understand absolutely every word she says to him.

Mara has no idea about the origin of his father. All he was ever told is that he was an adventurer.

Though he has no natural talent for it whatsoever, he has taken an interest in botany.

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STR 6 Tier 3 | END 6 Tier 3 | MAG 0 Tier 0| SPE 6 Tier  3 | AGI  6 Tier 3| SYN 0


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Meara Empty Re: Meara

Post by Faye on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:03 am


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