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Morgan Darkson, Superintendent

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Morgan Darkson, Superintendent Empty Morgan Darkson, Superintendent

Post by Morgan Darkson on Fri Mar 17, 2017 6:47 pm

Name: Morgan Alexandra Darkson
Age: 20
Species: Somebody/Superintendent
Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Metal
3.) Lightning
4.) Moon

Personality: Morgan strives to be excellent, much like her mother and current queen of the Darkson regime, Marigold. Determined to run the Disney Academy to the utmost of her abilities, she's steadfast in handling the tasks assigned to her regarding her new occupation. Skeptical and business-like, a similarity she shares with her mother, Morgan has a good judge of character and her confidence gives her that perfect air of refinement. Such a stature requires the respect and determination from her employees, similar to how she deals with them. Her modesty betrays the intelligence she sports and her ability to learn is second-to-none, however, she is one who prefers putting theory into practice, rather than sitting back and watching get their hands dirty.

Appearance: Morgan stands at an average 5'9" and has crimson-colored eyes. She has silver-white locks that flow down to her waist and pale skin to compliment it. Her clothing stems from a solid, all-black ensemble which consists of a short-sleeve button-up, a pair of slacks and high-heels. When making her rounds on school grounds the woman also wears a black jacket, with white fur along the edges. Completing her outfit is a red tie with the Darkson logo on the front.

History: Morgan is next in-line to receive the Darkson crown after her mother, Marigold Darkson, steps down from the title. Her father, Roy, alongside her mother had instilled a sense of duty within her. Though the circumstances behind her birth are questionable at best, she is a legitimate heir to the throne. Marigold was determined that she learn how to properly manage a kingdom when the time came, but didn't want to thrust the entirety of rule on her immediately. Something smaller was in need of a proper lesson, and while it was ambitious of her to think it time, Marigold offered her daughter the chance to run Disney Academy.

Disney Academy was a school built and paid for by the Darkson Company, who helped aid a myriad of worlds back in the day. Their benign, neutral stance on most political affairs earned them the favor of many respected figures in the worlds and it was through that, they created the academy. Marigold's hope was that they can turn out functioning members of society from all over the worlds. The queen needed the best minds from all over in order to effectively teach classes, but had the problem of figuring out a proper leader to hold them all together. This task would soon fall onto her daughter.

Morgan accepted the task after giving it careful thought, deeming it a perfect chance to see if she can ever hold the mantle of queen. Determined to succeed, she sat upon the chair with a sense of purpose and duty. All the smarts and combat prowess in the world didn't mean anything, if one couldn't work together with others.
Morgan Darkson
Morgan Darkson

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Morgan Darkson, Superintendent Empty Re: Morgan Darkson, Superintendent

Post by Faye on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:16 am


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