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Luke Zhu-Yu Empty Luke Zhu-Yu

Post by Luke Z. on Fri Mar 17, 2017 7:51 pm

Name: Luke Zhu-Yu
Age: 17
Species: Somebody/Student

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Space
3.) Lightning
4.) Wind

Personality: Luke can be a cool and laid-back individual, who enjoys being around people, though, he is sometimes quick to annoy depending on is mood. A lot of the times, he 's easy-going and likes to take everything in stride. When involved with someone he loves, Luke will do anything within reason for them. He isn't one who enjoys being pushed around and will show as much when confronted with someone who attempts to take control of his life.

Appearance: At the academy, Luke wears the uniform which is made up of a white, long-sleeve button-up that he tucks into his black pair of pants. Over top the shirt he sports the black blazer and finished the outfit off with a pair of black shoes. His hair his cut short and wild in appearance as though he doesn't brush it, but in actuality he takes the time to give it that messy look on purpose. He's of average height for a male, standing at 5'9" and has a fit body-build, with a fair complexion.

History: Luke hails from the Land of Dragons, where he grew up on the higher-end of the caste system. Under tutelage from his father, he learned Chinese martial arts alongside his two siblings. Among training his body, he was also taught the arts and had been shown how to work with his hands to perform a myriad of tasks. Young adults his age already had a clear definition of what they liked and disliked and he wasn't any different, so this caused him to butt heads often with his parents after reaching the age of 15. He became the rebellious sort who enjoyed being out and about, rather than cooped up in a castle and always having to stick to his lessons.

Ironically enough, there was a man who hailed from the Eastern Lands, that journeyed to the Land of Dragons. This man who happened to run across Luke in a street fight, saw the potential in the young teen and decided to teach him another form of martial arts. Luke showed no interest at first but when told that it was superior to his, "stiff and barbaric fight style," the teen decided to put that to the test. Losing horribly, Luke grew furious and demanded he be taught in the ways. No longer than a month's time, did he began training under the samurai code and learned the concept of "bushido." The young man did well to absorb the knowledge and worked it into his own martial arts, giving rise to a new form of fighting entirely. Though, this was seen as an abomination among his peers.

The jeers he received along with threats from his father to send him off to the military prompted the son to take leave. He fled the castle and rushed to his master, letting them know they were going as far away as possible. Luke held so much passion about the whole ordeal, that it awakened his latent, magical powers and it was then that his teacher decided on the best course of action. Taking the boy in what could have been seen as an act of kidnapping, he showed him the secrets beyond his own world. A ship that could traverse the stars and go to places unknown to even the royal family. One of the journeys had taken the two to an island of serene, peaceful beauty. A world where the islands, water and people all seemed to live in harmony, Destiny Islands. It was also here that Luke met his first real lover, Destinie Darkson.

Both of them were warriors and that alone had attracted Luke to the ebony-haired beauty. She could hold her own and despite her fighting style being so upfront, it was graceful in its own right. The same day he met and sparred with her, was the same day his master had left. No one knows why, not even Luke, but the teen did have a panic attack over it. There wasn't a way for him to get back to his own world and for once in his life, he felt betrayed, alone and deserted... Only for Destinie to remedy the situation. She offered to take him in and though he denied the offer, she was insistent. Luke was welcomed into the family with open arms and it was this very act which had him spend the next two years, pleasantly in love with Destinie.

Their relationship would have carried over into the newly created Disney Academy. A facility built by a woman who shared Des' family name, Luke realized just how influential the family he lived with was. This didn't change or deter his feelings for the princess, as they continued together, hand-in-hand, through the doors and starting their first year of actual school with one another.
Luke Z.
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Luke Zhu-Yu Empty Re: Luke Zhu-Yu

Post by Faye on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:18 am


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