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Angelica Solis, Baseball Enthusiast

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Angelica Solis, Baseball Enthusiast Empty Angelica Solis, Baseball Enthusiast

Post by Angelica on Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:27 am

Name: Angelica de Marzia Solis
Age: 16
Species: Somebody/Student

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Space
3.) Lightning
4.) Fire

Personality: Being born on the streets shapes out a rough around the edges personality and Angelica is a shining example of it. A gutter rat who grew up on the streets of Twilight Town, Angelica has street-smarts, the silver-tongue to match it and the grit to hold it altogether. Proud and passionate about her survival of such an arduous lifestyle, she doesn't allow anyone to push her around for whatever reason. While tough as nails, she does have a particular sweet spot for her twin.

Angelica Solis, Baseball Enthusiast Angeli10

Angelica stands at 5'5" and wears an outfit similar to the one in the picture, except its colors are alternated with white and black to represent the academy's colors.

History: Angelica is an orphaned child who grew up living on the streets of Twilight Town. A gutter rate since the age of six, she harbored intense hatred for the parents who abandoned her, after giving her the curse that dwells in her right arm. This curse caused her a great deal of shame that she hid it from the world, despite protests from her older twin, whom said it didn't change who she was. Her young age and child mentality embittered her, so the words were lost on her. Angelica felt the crushing weight of reality all at once, growing exceptionally angry and rash. The girl's twin decided that it was best to introduce her to some sort of hobby that'd tie over her violent tendencies. This is what brought her into sports, baseball in particular.

Twilight Town's small plaza area offered free recreational services for everyone, something which the twins joined and helped out at often, in order to sustain themselves. It wasn't ideal but the work was honest, and it kept Angelica busy. Over the years she managed to make a lot of friends, eventually coming to form a little league team with them. One thing the older sibling always made sure the younger one knew, was to never use her bandaged arm during any kind of situation, unless necessary. And while brother never really participated outside of practice but had been around often to give encouragement, especially when it came to their games. He had to see if she was grown-up enough to rely on her own strength and not that of her curse.

Before the baseball games and even during them, she got into fights often for some reason or another. Getting along with people was hard, so her remedy for it was to make it less complicated by physically confronting it. She did this often and while it earned her much scorn from a lot of the children and parents in Twilight Town, the ones who made the little league team with her showed they'd be her true teammates. That group showed how supportive and inseparable they were.

Had it not been for that fatal accident the day before a particular game, maybe the twins might have been able to stay in Twilight Town. Angelica would never forget the day she lost control. After having learned how to be ambidextrous (on top of switching her dominant hand to the left) she felt herself truly changed for the better, that all her happiness was there with her family of friends. She didn't forsake all of her blood considering her twin was the closest to her, but Angie did value the ones who stood by her side. Angelica wanted it to last forever but the cruel lord had other plans. He stole her family, broke them, killed them. A fit of rage took her over and in blind fury she delivered her own sense of judgement. It all melded together, the red in her eyes, the red on her hands, the red of her friends, the red of the dead. Her eyes opened for the first time in a life time.

Being abandoned wasn't enough. Angelica had to see death before her eyes and when she had, the young girl lashed out. A rival team with ties to mob boss had her friends killed or critically injured, all because of something Angie did. She insulted the son of the mob boss and even beat him up for threatening her team. The following night, they were sat upon by multiple men and weapons. Her twin was out that night but when he felt the surge of energy emanate from where they stayed, he hurried swiftly. Not swift enough, he found a crying Angelica in the middle of a blood soaked room. Her prized baseball bat in her hand had been dented and stained a crimson glow. The bandages on her arm had been torn and that disfigured limb tasted flesh for the first time. He decided they needed to run.

The two hid until an opportunity struck, an opportunity to start over. Disney Academy. Angelica had grown cold and distant, but she always loved her brother even in the roughest of times. Wanting nothing more than to leave the rock of a world they were born on, she followed him onto the ship that'd take them into their new lives. Mentally, she blocked key events out of her head as a form of subconscious defense mechanism. Angie couldn't remember that traumatic event and likely wouldn't ever want to...

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Angelica Solis, Baseball Enthusiast Empty Re: Angelica Solis, Baseball Enthusiast

Post by Faye on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:25 am


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