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Lucia, Weaponized Protective Twin Sister

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Lucia, Weaponized Protective Twin Sister

Post by Lucia on Sun Mar 19, 2017 9:41 pm

Name: Lucia Darkson
Age: 16
Species: Android/Somebody/Student

Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Thunder
3.) Metal
4.) Space

Personality: Lucia is a typically curious and stoic individual, who follows orders when given from those who have that control over her. Being an android with the ability to learn, think and feel much like a human being has given her the necessary tools to adapt in their societies, especially since she needs to attend the same academy as her twin sister, Silvia Darkson.


Lucia stands at 5'8" and wears an outfit consisting of the school colors. She wears a long-sleeved button-up accompanied with a pair of black shorts, white thigh-high socks and black high heels. Completing the outfit is a black blazer

History: Celia Darkson, who was regarded as a "Mad Scientist" continued to break the boundaries of a scientist's "code of ethics." She created a few experiments that were considered questionable in humane terms, but these risky scientific exploits rewarded much in terms of proving hypotheses and the like. One such experiment that the young woman never revealed to the public eye, not even to the mother of her child, was that she was working on artificial life. Codenamed: Lucia, this was an undertaking in which Celia wanted to test just how far one can go to harness the hearts and souls of others.

Lucia could be considered a success as she stands alive and well today. Created with the specific purpose of being a big sister to Silvia and protecting her whenever the need arises, Lucia is equipped to handle nearly any situation. Her body is made out of dense, sturdy material that enables her to survive in almost any form of temperature thanks to the adaptive technologies used in making it. A heads-up-display has been incorporated to flawlessly feed her a stream of information should she need it and allows her to analyze people, creatures and other objects in order to compile useful data on them. Lucia is also armed to the teeth with a variety of weapons that can aid her in battle, plus an extensively worked muscle system that allows for superhuman levels of running for extended periods of time, possible. Lastly, she showed to have an understanding of human relations and that was mostly in part to living with the family she had.

After Celia's departure from the family, Lucia's creator left her with one important mission. "Protect Silvia. Keep her happy, safe and loved." And with that, the woman who Lucia considered a mother, had left. A new emotion had stricken her called, "sorrow." A sense of sadness washed over her and for the first time, she cried in the arms of her younger sister.. Behind the waterfall of tears, she ingrained that directive in her mind. The android would care for her baby sister no matter the sacrifice.

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Re: Lucia, Weaponized Protective Twin Sister

Post by Faye on Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:43 am


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