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Lore, Pre-Academy Empty Lore, Pre-Academy

Post by Marigold Darkson on Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:27 pm

There was a temporal anomaly that occurred during the events of the original timeline. A certain figure played with their abilities and traveled to the point in time before Hayden became a major  player in the universe. This being then silenced him, erasing him from the pages of history and through careful isolation of events (thanks to retaining knowledge from future events), managed to keep a lot of events in place. There were, however, a few alterations they made in order to prevent future cataclysmic events from happening:

  • The Darksons arrived but Marigold wasn't given the foothold to begin her world conquest
  • Rather than conquer worlds, the Darksons instead offered help to those who asked and were mostly a neutral, benign force.
  • When Apocalypse arrived, they were effectively sent away due to the combined efforts of the Island Champion and the Darksons during a way.
  • After the war, Marigold meets with the World Leaders and introduces a contingency plan for future invasions from other universal beings. This is how Disney Academy began
  • A large group of Darksons (from the original family) agree to return to their original universe but a few remain, namely Morgan, Celia and Gwain Darkson. This happens after the Academy is constructed and staffed
  • Morgan becomes the Superintendent of the Academy and open its doors to those from all over.

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