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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Lady Faye

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Lady Faye Empty Lady Faye

Post by Faye on Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:31 pm

Name: Faye
Age: 26
Species: Somebody (teacher)
Primary Elements
1.) Light
2.) Plant
3.) Fire
4.) Moon

Personality: Noble and mature, Lady Faye of the Enchanted Dominion may be seen as one of the more stern instructors at Disney Academy. In her classroom lessons are treated seriously with no time for funny business; and she's not against using humiliation to punish students who continue to disturb the peace. One warning is all she is patient for. After all, she's there to teach and nurture the potential of students, not make friends of them. Authority is an important aspect to know and respect in her eyes. If one is to lead, they must first learn to follow. Though her class may be rigid that doesn't mean it's always boring. As the teacher of botany, exotic and common flora are studied to best utilize them in healing and combat. Outside of the classroom, Faye loosens up a little, taking time to socialize and enjoy the little things in life.
Lady Faye Reddre12]

History: As a child with fairy blood in her veins, Faye's powers manifested at a young age. With no teacher, the arcane inside her became volatile and ended up causing the death of her family when she threw a tantrum as children sometimes do. An accident, nothing she would ever do on purpose, but she continues to blame herself for the fiery disaster to this day. After being run out of her town as an 'evil fairy', Rosethorn, an elder fae woman, took the child in as her own and taught her how to control her abilities. Faye learned how to harness her power and over the course of many years eventually became a sorceress of some renown. For a while, she served as a magical tutor to noble and peasant families alike, instructing children and young adults how to control the arcane until she was contacted by the Disney Academy. It was an opportunity she couldn't pass up and so she packed her bags and headed off to this new world. After the suffering she had inflicted upon her family and others as a child, she feels it is her purpose in life to educate others so they will not make fall into a similar situation.

Other Notes: Faye is a talented seamstress and enjoys discussing fashion.

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STR Tier 5 | END Tier 5 | MAG Tier 5 | SPE Tier 5 | AGI Tier 5 | SYNTH Tier 5

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Lady Faye Empty Re: Lady Faye

Post by Marigold Darkson on Wed Mar 29, 2017 7:49 pm


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STR Tier(5) | END Tier(5) | MAG Tier(5) | SYN (5) | SPE Tier(5) | AGI Tier(5)
Lady Faye Marigo12
Marigold Darkson
Marigold Darkson

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