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Gabriel Crimson

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Gabriel Crimson  Empty Gabriel Crimson

Post by Lenneth on Sun Jan 18, 2015 11:31 pm

Name: Gabriel Crimson
Age: 150 years old
Species: Human Familiar/ A Spirit of Darkness

Primary Elements
1.) Darkness

Personality: Gabriel despite his origins and company is more of a happier, cheery and free spirit that finds the small things fun and something no one should ever ignore. Life and death are a small concept to him so enjoyment and pleasure are his forte and personal motto. He is one that likes to take risk, explore their options and is one that wants to try everything that he can do at least once to see how the result might be. He is not one to overthink anything and likes to keeps things as simplistic as he could in order to enjoy things with much easier.  

Gabriel Crimson  8es4qv10

(Famliar form)
(Human Form)

History: Gabriel is a old spirit that lost himself to the darkness. In his human life he was a powerfully fire magician that expended his years and talents improve his home worlds ideals of magic, seeking out the knowledge and better his own land. It was a simple view on one he considered to be rather selfless as his people suffered at the hands of poor weather, weak bodies and overall one of the lowest forms of life in his world. With eve of magic their salvation it was only that concept that kept his people going. He choose to lead this task and kept his studies going even after death through the powers of darkness. It proved too much for him as the dark realm soon took its price and stole his body and left behind his spirit that was lost to the ages. It was only during that time he and Lenneth meet, finding the dark king's powers far outclassing what he hoped he could achieve alone. They joined as protector and master and to help Lenny enjoy his life rather then always be working towards a goal. They have grown close sharing the body of darkness and enjoying each other's company.    

Other Notes: His a sexy Fiend Very Happy

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The La Vaeas Of Darkness
The La Vaeas Of Darkness

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Gabriel Crimson  Empty Re: Gabriel Crimson

Post by Guest on Mon Jan 19, 2015 12:52 am



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