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Raziel Empty Raziel

Post by Raziel on Thu Mar 30, 2017 1:39 pm

Name: Raziel
Age: 16
Race: Nobody (Student)

Primary Elements
1.) Nothingness
2.) Lightning

Personality: With the new heart he has grown for himself, Raziel has formed a new personality, losing his zombie like behavior from his birth. He's still quiet, and has become a rather shy individual, usually only speaking when spoken to or with a close friend. Blushing has become second nature to him, and with his pale complexion, he really stands out, and being awkward doesn't help him. Being around girls seem to cause this to happen to him the most, though he's not sure why. He's very timid and skittish, and it's easy to push him around. If intimidated enough he will submit, though not to the point where someone else would get hurt. As much as he hates to be on the spot, he always gets in trouble due to being a Kleptomanic. Whether this is because of something from his past he can't remember, or it's just something he randomly developed, he has no idea.

Raziel Raziel10
Raziel Mermai10

Height: 5’9
Weight: 145
Raziel is a small and fragile young man with very pale skin, looking more akin to a china doll than a person. With his androgynous features, it's not unusual for some to mistake him for being female at a glance. The biggest feature that stands out on Raziel are his eyes. Bright crimson and possessing an almost eerie glow, it makes the Nobody appear quite ghastly.

History: Water. Raziel remembers a lot of water. An ocean filled with life and song. He could see himself singing along with others, a blurred image, a fading memory, but still there, fighting to exist within his delicate mind. Music was something that was very important, he knew that for certain. Trumpets, drums, strings… even the citizens themselves could be instruments, though he wasn’t exactly sure how.

Family and friends… their faces were missing and their names forgotten. They were not like other people… though he cannot exactly remember what the reason was. There was a lingering fear of something from high above the waves. A hunter and they were the prey? But who could say for certain? Maybe none of it was real. Perhaps, it was all a dream. Were they really that important, these tattered memories he clung to?  Did anything really matter at all? Raziel did not know, nor did he really care to dwell on what could or could not be.

Raziel's memories are mostly blurry, and for the longest time he just wondered around the worlds with no aim or purpose. A blank slate, everything he did was to survive. Phasing through walls and hard to reach places to acquire what he needed to live without question. After a year of scavenging, he was finally caught in the act by a boy he was trying to pickpocket. It is here that he met his best friend Kaden, a mischievous boy who thinks everything is a game and hardly takes anything seriously. Rather than turn him in to the authorities, Kaden realized there was something off about Raziel and always eager to be the hero, offered the thief a home. Through him, the Nobody learned how to live again, and overtime his emotions and sense of self returned.

Not only did a personality emerge, but something physical as well. Silver scales began to grow on his legs, and while this was happening he began to dream more about the ocean. When exposed to water long enough, his legs would start to transform into that of a fish tail, leaving Raziel completely unable to walk. It terrified him at first, and for several days he was stuck in Kaden's bathtub until the scales dried. After a lot of concentration and practice, he was able to control this new ability he had gained.

His memories of his former life are still fuzzy, and although he is curious to know who he once was, he's also content with never finding out either. The fact that he was/is an aquatic creature is the only thing that is clear. Raziel is still unaware that he is a Nobody and now that he has regained his emotions, it is even harder for others to tell. He and everyone he has been involved with believes it is simple amnesia.

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Raziel Empty Re: Raziel

Post by Veara on Thu Mar 30, 2017 3:24 pm


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