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Sable the Huntress

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Sable the Huntress Empty Sable the Huntress

Post by Sable on Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:16 pm

Name: Sable/Pantera
Age: 16 years old
Species: Somebody/Jinko/Student
Primary Elements
1.) Darkness
2.) Earth
3.) Wind
4.) Plant

Personality: Sable has a very competitive and predatory-like personality, where she always seeks thrills through hunting and fighting. Growing up in the wilds of the Deep Jungle has honed her survival of the fittest mentality, to where she actively judges people based on their abilities and very little about their personalities, however, it is still not wise to approach her with a hostile attitude, lest you wish to have a spear lodged in the shoulder. Lastly, given her nature as a Jinko (a feline monster-girl akin to a lion, but in Sable's case, a panther), she has a primal sense of lust for men (or women) who are strong enough to keep her interest and on certain days, tries to seduce them in her own special way.
Sable the Huntress Sable_10
During school, Sable is forced to adhere to the dress code of the Academy and so, has chosen a get-up that doesn't hinder her fighting form. Sable wears a black mini skirt with exercise shorts worn underneath and a pair of sneakers. She wears a white, short-sleeved version of the shirt and almost always has several buttons undone so that she can "breathe."

History: Thanks to Marigold's initiative to offer schooling for anyone willing to learn, the Deep Jungle was a world that hadn't been excluded from that ideal and so, there were certain "fliers" placed in areas of the jungle that tested the physical might of those who could trek through the dense world and attain the information within. When one had dropped relatively close to where Sable's village was, they thought it an omen that meant ill-will from the skies above. Sable, who was said to be an incarnation of their warrior goddess and revered as much thanks to her huntress instincts and prowess, aimed to unravel the secrets of the sky. Thus, she set out after taking part in several blood rituals to prepare her body for whatever foe may have lied in wait. For all intents and purposes, it could have been the, Witch who Wields Black-Ice. Should that be the case, then she'd have to be prepared on a more spiritual level in order to fight such a foe.

Much to her surprise and dismay, though, came in the form of the flier. Rather than it being some sort of malicious being with the intent to harm, it had instead "issued a challenge." Sable who was regarded as the most intelligent managed to coherently understand what was being said, but thought of it as nothing more than a challenge from Marigold. Inside the flier was a bracelet that she picked up and tinkered with for a moment, before taking the spoils of her search and heading back to her village. In her words she was to journey beyond the stars, "...And fight the silver-haired witch, Marigold for dominance of their world."

Later that evening, there was a massive feast filled with as much combat and sex one could imagine, before they geared their goddess up and sent her on her way. Using the power and technology of the bracelet, she transported herself to Disney Academy... Where she was promptly held-down and forced to wear the school uniform after being caught harassing several staff members and students.

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Sable the Huntress Empty Re: Sable the Huntress

Post by Veara on Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:52 pm


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