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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Episode 1: The Hero Appears!

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Episode 1: The Hero Appears!

Post by Dom Vega on Thu Mar 30, 2017 9:09 pm


Basic Info

Name: Dominick Vega
     Aliases: Dom
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Species: Human
Role: Student
   Height: 5' 0"
   Weight: 117 lbs

STR | Tier 1
END| Tier 3
SPE | Tier 1
AGI | Tier 1
MAG | Tier 1
SYN | Tier 3


W-wait? This is our hero!? :(

What our hero lacks in strength, stature, and competence, he makes up for with his undying resolve and clever wit! Dom strives for the stars, even if he's never destined to reach them.

Dominick is generally timid and reserved, enjoying the backseat of social situations. But when someone is in need of help, he musters all of his courage and steps to the challenge. He's not great with words, or expressing himself, or academics, but he has a very hands on approach and can learn quickly by doing, rather than being taught.

He has the mind of a mechanic, building contraptions and devices to help supplement his lacking physique. But despite his abysmal physicality, he tries to remain positive. Mind over matter, right? Brains over brawn? The pen is mightier than the sword? And while he couldn't write the meanest of sentences, his pens can shoot ink like a squid!

He hasn't had a lot of opportunities to make friends, but he's eager to take the opportunity once it presents itself.


He was UNFOTUNATELY born...

in a single home. His mother raised him alone on Destiny Islands, celebrating his father's great heroism. They spent their younger years traveling the worlds and going on adventures. She has recounted his final, altruistic act as a bedtime story throughout Dom's youth.

When she could afford to, she would occasionally take him to visit other worlds, whether it be herself as the guide, or other family members of his. Even though she isn't too close to most of her family, her brother and her have a good relationship, Dom's uncle acting as the only prominent male figure in his life.

Pulling some strings, Dom's uncle enrolled him into Disney Academy.  

Dom Vega

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Re: Episode 1: The Hero Appears!

Post by Veara on Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:58 pm


Character Tier 5
   MP 535 | DP 14
   STR 10 Tier 5 | END 10 Tier 5 | MAG 10 Tier 5 | SPE 10 Tier  5 | AGI 10 Tier 5 | SYN 0 Tier 0

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