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Guinevere || The Florest Empty Guinevere || The Florest

Post by Guinevere on Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:07 pm

|| Guinevere ||

Female | Twenty-three | Somebody




Supportive and kind, she is loved by many in the community on Destiny Islands. Greeting all with a smile, a flower, and offering comfort to those in need, it’s rare to see her down in the dumps. In fact, no one has ever seen her with anything but a smile on her lips with the rare exception of being stern with a misbehaved child. On many occasion, she has acted as an older sister to the younger residents of the islands. It’s something that she very much enjoys doing, and would hope to continue doing.

Primary Elements

With her parents having gone missing when she was fifteen years old, it was up to Guinevere to care for and raise her younger brother, Gabriel, of just eight years old. Their line of work required them to be away from home for periods at a time, so it was often that Guinevere would be left to care for her brother. While they were away, she would finish her schooling and then practice her magic. Gwen, as her brother came to call her, excelled quickly in the art, growing edible plants and gorgeous flowers. In doing so, she was unable to fully comprehend and master her new abilities.

As time dragged on, and their parents still didn’t return home, the more nervous and concerned she became. Eventually, Gwen came to terms with the fact that her parents wouldn’t be returning. She practiced her magic as a means of relieving her stress, and had produced a rather toxic flower. Unbeknownst to her of its true nature, she had potted it and left it on a table. Never having had an issue prior, Gabriel drew in close to admire the beauty. In the days following, he had grown ill, though Guinevere could find no easily accessible cure. The local doctor, thankfully, was able to discern what was wrong, though the answer was not any better.

They just barely skirted by thanks to Gwen’s ability to grow the food they needed, but the very limited funds that they had wasn’t enough to pay for an antidote. In a desperate need of munny, Guinevere took to selling the flowers she grew, this time creating only those she knew were safe. The kindness and generosity of the islands had saved her brother, and she was able to get him the antidote that he needed.

Wanting to repay the islanders for all they had done for her and her brother, she continued to sell her flowers at a very modest price, at peace with the new lifestyle she had crafted for herself. Looking after and raising a young boy had become such a natural thing that she began to treat the other children on the islands the same as her brother, much to his displeasure.

In order to further learn to control her abilities, Guinevere opted to attend the Academy. With high hopes that there would be someone there that could help, she journeyed out to better herself, if only for her brother’s sake, and to learn more of the universe in which she lived. Perhaps in the meantime, she could figure out what happened to her missing parents.


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Guinevere || The Florest Empty Re: Guinevere || The Florest

Post by Faye on Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:42 pm

Just add student to the profile ^^


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