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Mage On Campus (OPEN)

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Mage On Campus (OPEN)

Post by Alma Taschner on Wed Apr 05, 2017 2:40 pm

"Let's see, uh..." Alma's eyes fluttered between the paper in her hand and the sign on the wall. The paper held largely-printed words that she'd written some time ago, a set of directions that were told to her just the other day. In theory, they would have led her to the dorm she'd be sharing with other students during her term at the Academy, but their was a severe problem when she tried to compare the words in the directions to those of the signs around the campus- The signs were too shiny. They'd been installed recently, and likely looked pristine, and that was something the builders probably took pride in, but Alma was cursed with an unimpressive height, meaning any attempt to read the things was made awkward enough from the angle alone. The light reflected off the sign in a manner that blinded her whenever she got close to deciphering the words, and so she couldn't figure out what the thing said!

Eventually, the small mage grew frustrated, and had to admit to herself the futility of trying to read the words on the wall. Shoving the instructions into a pocket, she bent down to pick up the small cane she'd set upon the ground. A turn of the head, and she was able to locate what she assumed would be the staff office. The door was pushed open, and she stepped inside in her search of help. "Hello?" she called inside, still standing in the frame of the doorway. "Is there someone here who can help me out? I just need some directions..."
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