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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Datascape State of Emergency

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Datascape State of Emergency

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 25, 2015 4:11 am


Incoming Transmission...

Due to the unfortunate chain of events taking place across the universe.
A temporary State of Emergency has been initiated across the unified servers of the Datascape.

The level of action being taken to ensure safety and security has not quite hit critical mode just yet.
However this is subject to change in the future based upon new developments as they occur.

In this time of caution several rules and restrictions have been put into effect.
As well as some temporary policies that both user's and program's must abide for the time being.

Further Updates and Information will become available to the public at the discretion of the Master Control Program.

All currently activated security protocols have been listed below.

    I ) All users and programs are required to be outfitted and maintain a registered identity disc on their person for the duration they are active in any part of the Datascape. Any program or user found without one will be forcibly signed out from the digital realm by the MCP.

    II ) Any new user visiting for the first time must register an identity disc upon arrival. All information entered into the identity disc must be valid. If information is found false, consequences will be enacted against the user.

    III ) Certain servers have been placed in a stasis and locked for security measure. When a sever is placed under stasis they become offline. If offline mode is engaged, said server can not be accessed by any user or program. Unless given expressed permissions by the MCP.

    IV ) Any foreign backdoor execution or invalid entry into any server within the Datascape is considered treason and is punishable at the discretion of the MCP.

To register a new Identity Disc fill out and submit the following to the Disc Database.exe

    > Full Name:
    First and last. Middle name at discretion of user or program.

    > Species:
    Classification of owner. User or Program.

    > Gender:
    Sexual identity of user or program.

    > Age:
    Physical years of user or program.

    > Disc Function:
    For Users a single ability can be installed into an identity disc that is specific to them. These are highly utility based and are by no means meant to be a show of combative power. More abilities can be installed by a high ranking program or the MCP. For Programs or ISOs a link to their Skill Tree will be required here instead.

    > Disc Design:
    A brief overview of an identity disc's presentation. This includes shape, size, light color, and location on the body.

    > Notable Info:
    Any other information about the user, program, or of the disc itself.

Transmission Ended...


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