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Skill-Trees and Summons


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Mirage Hearts, The Four Golden Rules of

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Mirage Hearts, The Four Golden Rules of

Post by Information Moogle on Mon Jan 26, 2015 9:06 pm

There are only four rules that our members need to follow.

No Godmodding: Godmodding is the act of unfairly empowering your character above your peers at will and with no logically sound reason that can be found within plot. There are a variety of different ways one can GodMod such as:

  • Spontaneously developing new powers without informing your roleplay partners
  • Having abilities that are Absolute in Scope
  • Failing to play your character within the limitations that you yourself have defined
  • Appearing in places that you could not possibly be at that moment

No Metagaming: Metagaming is the act of bestowing your character with knowledge they could not possibly have for absolutely no reason other than to give them such knowledge. Such things that would be classified as this are:

  • Automatically knowing another player's character's history, race, name, traits, fighting style, beliefs, or other personal information that you would not have ready access to without their permission or an ability allowing you to identify some of these things
  • Automatically knowing where certain key plot items are that you have no connection to or reason to know without proper elaboration on the matter or the power to locate
  • Automatically knowing the history of locations that you've never visited and have no reason to either know or understand
  • Knowing another Character's/World's/Anything future without permission
  • Using knowledge gained Out of Character while In Character without proper cause

No Autocontrolling: Autocontrolling is the act of dictating what action another person's character will take without expressed consent on behalf of the person affected. There are a few things that fall under this, such as:

  • Autohitting: The act of automatically hitting, touching, or otherwise making contact with another person's character without letting them address your action separately in their post
  • Autoaffecting: The act of automatically assuming that whatever effect you wished to achieve has succeeded and you have already condemned/blessed a person with that effect

No Abuse: This has a variety of applications on site, referring to both the system and one's fellow members below:

  • A person who repeatedly commits acts that are malicious in nature, intent, and outcome against other members with an intentional out of character effect are guilty of abuse
  • A person who abuses the system in an attempt to be "the most powerful" on site at the expense of the experience of other members are guilty of abuse
  • A person who rips off another character from another franchise or work is guilty of abuse. Doing so is explicitly NOT ALLOWED and will be punished (characters based on others are acceptable as long as it is not blatant)

The key to the above is willingness. The above rules can be waved for story in the event that people involved are willing to compromise on them. However if something happens to you, and you feel it can be covered by the above and it distresses you bring it before staff. If you don't, it is essentially the exact same as giving consent for the action.
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