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Lia Staatsrat

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Lia Staatsrat

Post by Grantus on Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:16 am

Name: Lia Staatsrat
Age: 18 (19 After a year of being a Nobody)
Alignment: True Neutral
Personality: Being a Nobody, she has no personality and replacement has not happened yet, however she has chosen her previous personality in order to emulate having a heart; which was a reserved, yet vocal woman.  She acts eccentric which was definitely unlike the kingdom in which she used to hail from. An example would be that she enjoys a brawl with her fists, she taught in certain classrooms, which normally was out of the questions for princesses turning to Queens, given that they had other roles to fill; she even spoke and played with prisoners down in the cells below. In short, Lia was quite unconventional as girls were meant to act at the time.

This nature makes her hard to communicate with, as she tends to just quote various things she has read in books, and doesn't particularly like conversations about complicated things like politics. She'll talk frankly about things about people, whether it be mental, physical, or sexual in nature. While both her and the Nobody are not the most intelligent woman, the original took comfort in enjoying the simplicity of her life, not really caring either way whether she were to become Queen or not. She was also very indecisive in nature, unable to make many decisions for herself without a kind of council. This also makes  her incredibly fickle; meaning as far as loyalties go outside her people of her world, she is perhaps just as likely to work with someone who enlists her help as she is to betray them depending on the circumstances. She also however despite her somewhat lack of intellect, she is actually very persuasive, and often spoke loudly when convincing subjects or various people of things around the castle. She is not a rebel, but she is not exactly status quo in her mannerisms. The major differences between how Lia was and how she is, is that now that she is a Nobody, she talks quieter and actually talks a bit more clearly and has a sense of passivity, not being more easily persuaded, but becoming more...apathetic to suggestions for lack of a better term.

Race: Nobody

Appearance: Standing at 6 feet tall and at a fairly average 137 lb, Lia has a fairly slim build with some tone that is essentially invisible on her body. She has larger hips than normal for women her age, making some believe she was blessed with fertility by a goddess or fairy. Her bust is average in size, and her shoulders are a fairly small, giving her a sort of "pear" figure. After becoming a Nobody, she tends to wear refined clothing that is more suited towards a knight, however it is distinct on its own, with shades of red and gold to stand out from the knights. When wearing regal clothing, it tends to be very unorthodox and quite unlike normal gowns that princesses and maids wear; perhaps something she had paid for the sewers to work hard to make odd designs for her.

Primary Elements
1.) Nothingness
2.) Space

History: Born under royalty in the Enchanted Dominion, Lia was the eldest and most able heir to become Queen in the line. However, she was definitely someone with quirks, and someone who did not necessarily dislike the notion, did not exactly care to learn how to take charge. Through her young life, up until the age of around ten, she was a "free spirit" as it were, exploring all around the castle from the forest to the dungeons, and even taking dips in the moat.. It was around this milestone in her life that she had gotten a strange visit in her room one evening by  a strange man, whom she cannot remember the look of to this day, though she can remember their age gap at the time was significant. He had given her this katana to use, for some unknown reason. As her time grew on, she became less silent and a lot louder, definitely making an impression on many of her subjects and future suitors.

She ended up seeing many potential husbands when she was thirteen up until she was seventeen. She had rejected every one of them after spending almost a week with each, doing things all over from talking, to practicing combat mostly suggested by Lia herself, to even exploring the physical desires the men had. Her parents knew of it, but it was made a secret by them to keep her purity clear, even if it was a lie. She was not scarred, but her curious nature did not end. She would sneak into a local village usually at night and would sometimes talk to villagers and befriend them, which to the higher family was  not happy when hearing of it, however it definitely got Lia the people's respect.

Everything continued until one night. She was to see a suitor for the first time in almost a year, and she had given him a letter to sneak into her room. When he came however, things took a turn for the dark, as darkness leaked out into the room. Whether it was the suitor's heart giving way to the darkness or it was just an anomaly, Lia would never know. It was at that point that she had realized at least one thing she wanted; namely living. At that thought, a light shined in her hand and took the form of a key-shaped weapon. She knew what to do, and ended up fighting the monstrosity...but she failed, and the Heartless took her and sunk her heart down into the abyss. It is unknown what became of the Heartless or her Heart, but the next day, her body woke up suddenly in the afternoon, without a heart to let her cry, without a Keyblade to keep her safety, and her wish, not there to give her a future. She now to this day has been a Nobody, unknown to the family, and still suitorless. She does not know what she wants, whether it is to return to the safety of existence, to continue to live in an exciting life free from routine, or to revel in at least being able to sleep at night, eat food, or swim in a pond. It has been a year since the event, and many seem to catch wind that there may be danger lurking around, however, they will not know that the indecisive princess whose family tries so hard to make her Queen, was the victim of it all.

Other Notes: She keeps a katana in her room, given to her by an unknown figure, as katanas are not normal styles of swordsmithing in this world. The katana's hilt is 1 ft, while the blade is 3 feet, making the total length 4 ft. It serves no practical use as it is not enchanted or imbued with anything, making it useless against Heartless, Keyblades, and Nobodies.

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Re: Lia Staatsrat

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 02, 2015 1:59 am

Approved~! Have fun rping~!


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