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Maria Iscariot

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Maria Iscariot

Post by Iscariot on Sun Feb 08, 2015 6:42 pm

Name: Maria Magdalena Iscariot
Age: 18


Maria will always look out for others before herself. Nothing will stop her from helping her fellow man weather they be good, evil, or otherwise. She judges no one for the wrong they do or have done and instead chooses to forgive any and all their actions. Though this may sound foolish and in truth it is, Maria feels that holding grudges and taking revenge only throws people into a cycle of hate and violence. She, instead of getting upset or lashing out tries to talk with those offenders in whatever crime or wrongdoings they have committed, at times unintentionally stroking their egos while at it.  She cannot turn a blind eye to those in need and will often times rush into danger to help a person regardless if they wanted it or not.


In every single sense of the word...
Being born and raised In a very safe and secure environment, Maria has never once knew hardship. Her experience in dealing with others besides the ones who raised her puts her in a dangerous place where she will readily accept just about anything they say. This makes her very easy to deceive, though she will never falter from the ways of good intentionally. Being unaffected by the world and it's dangers since the day she was born, Maria has no idea of how tainted with sin it really is.  She can't comprehend something's because of her overly innocent nature making her quite the easy target to take advantage of. Understanding the sins in text she herself has never done any of them, not even once.  Even the thought of performing any of the acts shocks her so just imagine her reaction to seeing them done.


Her care for the earth and it's animals are goes beyond with those for humans. When it comes to this she is very open with the world around her and loves nothing more than to care for it. She dislikes animal abuse in all it's forms, including using animals to aid humans as if they were just tools. Though she knows it would be trouble to try and free them she instead shows her compassion towards them by petting or feeding them and talking to them. Though she is very simple minded she is not a complete idiot without any sense and knows when to stay away from a dangerous animal. Maria Doesn't understand why anyone would want to pollute the world they live in, to her that is basically destroying your own home. She will not turn a blind eye to the destruction of the earth and it's animals, she will protect what she can whenever she can.

A bit of a overview and other tidbits missed
Maria can be looked at as a being of purity in all it's forms. Curiosity has never gotten the best of her and even if it did she has been so confined that she could not explore such a thing. Her calm aura and humble nature will be her downfall as such things in the world tend to be taken much advantage of. She is kind to all even those who don't deserve it and Maria cannot understand a single being who does not deserve her kindness no matter what unspeakable deeds that person has done. She is forgiving to a fault and while it seems she is weak her will is stronger than most because she will not falter in her beliefs.

Race: Somebody


It's clear when one looks at Maria that she is from a upbringing fit for royalty or extreme discipline. Before her physical appearance can be explained it is always noted that her body language is what stands out the most. Maria stands tall and no matter whom she looks at it always seems that she is looking down on them even when she must look up to see anyone. Her posture never falters and it is one that commands respect. Her back is straight with her chin always slightly up and out, not so much too seem like she is challenging anyone but enough to show that she is in complete control. When she walks she takes long strides that are well grounded and precise, graceful and calculating . It's because of her outstanding form that her true beauty shines.

Maria facial appearance is in her honest opinion the second thing others see when they look at her. She has creamy vanilla colored skin that show no visible scars or blemishes. Her skin is also soft to the touch and lets off a light clean scent at all times. Her face is oval shaped and on her face she holds one pair of  Ocean Blue eyes, over her eyes are neat eyebrows which arch a thin curve. Maria's eyes hold a rather kind and warm gaze making it hard not to look right back at her because of just how welcoming they come off to be. Just below her eyes is a small, sharp, and slightly upturned nose. Her lips are rose pink in color and soft to the touch with her top and bottom lip being plump. She wears no make up on her face and has a natural glow to her.

Her dna background has blessed Maria with soft, golden blond locks which shines beautifully no matter what the light ( or lack of ). She rarely if ever styles her hair and lets it fall down neatly, stopping just below her buttocks.  Neat bangs cover her forehead, leaving just a small area seen with that area holding a mark that looks to be a upside down crescent moon in a golden color. Her hair is rather curly at the ends and she dislikes cutting her hair but does so to maintain her neatly trimmed ends. Maria rarely if ever lets anyone touch her hair, seeing this as a very intimate thing and would rather no one at all had done so.

Strikingly gorgeous Maria seems to fill the role of the " Kind yet Innocent female " in terms of looks. Capturing the attention ( and most of the times hearts ) of males, while charming females. Standing at a height of five feet and six inches even  and weighing in at one hundred fifteen pounds, Maria frame is rather slim and petit. Underneath her clothing one can clearly tell that she keeps herself fit. Her body is toned though not overly muscular yet with obvious signs that she has a rather rigorous training regime. Her arms and legs are slender with her legs being just a bit thicker around the thigh area. Her waist nips in and her hips flare out giving her a hourglass figure, though on slightly more petite scale, only giving her a more youthful appearance. Her hands are small and her fingers are long though delicate while her nails are always neatly done in a perfect manicure.

Primary Elements

1.) Light
2.) Moon
3.) Water
4.) Earth

Everyone has a story, no matter how small or insignificant....

A duke and duchess in a far away land prayed day and night for a child of their own. Unfortunately the duchess could not produce a child and the duke had thought to marry another in hopes of obtaining a heir. The duchess had gotten word of this but she never stopped praying. Someone must have been listening because soon the woman had gotten with child and the two were joyous. Months passed and a girl was born, the duke did not care because he figured he could marry the child off to the king, but fat had a different plan. Time went on and the child grew, she learned many of things and her mother was the person she looked up to the most. Upon the child's tenth birth day a wandering man came and Prophesized that the small blond haired child with eyes as clear as the summer sky would no longer have a heart and would fall to be only a shell, that was if she stayed home upon turning eighteen. This scared the parents greatly and they hired much protection for their daughter. She was never alone and she was never allowed to leave the home unless under heavy supervision. The child known as Maria Magdalena Iscariot had grown into such a lovely young woman, even under such constricting circumstances. Upon her eighteenth birthday everyone around her prepared for the worst...Or so they thought. Once the clock struck twelve on the day of Maria's birthday a rush of black creatures took over the castle, devouring everyone in their path, leaving empty bodies. It was a sad day but Maria was safe, sound, and gone. Maria had no idea where she was being taken, but for the first time she would be alone. She had gotten a note and a single box neatly wrapped with a red ribbon. From this day forward she was on her own, and the world was not a safe place. Maria was not afraid, but rather excited... Her life behind her she would never see again, but she would not know that on this day... Her life ahead of her will be hers to mold... Maria found herself after days of traveling found herself being dropped off in a place unknown to her.

"  Traverse Town..."
The words  whispered off her lips, the note her parents had left her explained what she was to do but for the first time Maria didn't feel so good...She wanted to go back home...But as she turned around to the ride that brought her here she found it to be gone...
Now move forward.

Other Notes:

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Re: Maria Iscariot

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 08, 2015 8:17 pm

I'm looking forward to seeing your character develop!

Approved~! Have fun rping~!


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